Google's Battle Against Fraud, Over 270 Million Financially Violating Ads Blocked in 2023

In 2023, Google made a big move to keep its ad space clean and safe. The company’s latest report on ad safety shows that it blocked and got rid of 12.7 million ad accounts because they broke its rules. This number is almost twice as many as the year before. Google also stopped 5.5 billion ads from showing up for the same reason. These ads were not following Google’s guidelines.

The reason this matters is that stopping these bad accounts and ads is important for keeping brands safe and making sure people can shop online without worry. But there’s a tricky side to this. Sometimes, Google might accidentally block ads or accounts that haven’t done anything wrong.

Here’s what Google found last year, it stopped more than 200 million ads that tried to trick people. It blocked over 270 million ads that broke its financial rules. Google also stopped more than 1 billion ads that were harmful, like those spreading malware. The company took major action against more than 395,000 publisher sites, a big increase from the past year.

Google has been updating its rules to fight scams and fraud better. It made 31 changes to its Ads and Publisher policies. Some updates help advertisers avoid showing ads next to content they don’t like. Others help Google stop bad actors more quickly.

Google also started a new policy to limit how much new and unknown advertisers can show ads. Plus, it launched a way for users to see ads from verified advertisers easily. Ai is a big part of Google’s plan to catch bad ads and accounts. Google says AI helps it find and block fraud before it even starts or right away if it slips through. AI and machine learning, especially new technologies, are a key part of checking ads and publisher sites.

Google promises to keep updating its system to fight bad ads. If someone thinks Google was wrong to block their ad, they can ask for another review. Google uses these cases to improve how it checks ads.

Duncan Lennox, a big boss at Google, said that their goal is to stop bad ads and accounts quickly with the help of AI. he mentioned that AI, including new tech, starts most of their checks on ads and sites.

This shows how serious Google is about keeping its ad platform safe and trustworthy, using the latest technology to stay ahead of those trying to break the rules.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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