Google Maps Gets An Array Of Innovative Features To Enhance Users’ Travel Plans

Android maker Google has just unveiled a host of new features for its Google Maps endeavor. The goal is to enhance recommendations whenever users make travel plans so that they’re left with more options.

Whenever a user looks for new cities, they’ll now see more recommendations in the form of lists of destinations that they can avail of that are all specially curated by the company’s Maps community as well as top websites.

Additionally, the company says it would be rolling out another similar feature for restaurant recommendations that feature lists having tabs like Hidden Gem, Trending, and even Top all depending on how the public responds to the area of interest.

Google mentioned through its own blog post how the Trending List gets updates every week using locations that are popular amongst users making use of Google Maps. Moreover, it’s dubbed ideal for those in search of the trendiest hot spots too.

The Top List features more places added to Google’s Map Community and will continue to do so as it feels it can help users look for the best recommendations that are tried and tested by others in the same vicinity.

There will also be another Gems list featuring the area’s best-kept secrets or hidden gems that usually tend to go unnoticed but are known to be great.

The lists will start rolling out this week in more than 40 different cities in America and Canada, the company explained. They will highlight the best of them from the Maps community in the next few months. And as far as content sourced from the community is concerned, Google mentioned how it’s still tackling millions of fake reviews to ensure users don’t leave disappointed.

As one can imagine, that’s a task on its own and it’s something that they’ve been dealing with for months now. Remember, the company also spoke about how it was now rolling out AI on the app so that it could assist users in finding what they want at a simple glance whenever they are searching for hotspots.

Just pull out a certain location on the Maps app and you’ll now see images as well as reviews that have summaries of what people adore such as a particular cafe’s food or their chill ambiance.

As it is, the search engine giant is busy rolling out trials in this regard with the help of generative AI technology. All the user needs to do is add input text prompts that would enable them to discover newer locations to visit.

For now, the feature is up for grabs to a limited number of individuals known as testers as mentioned by the firm last month.

Other than that, Google hopes to add more options for customization to these lists. They will allow users to re-order or shuffle locations on the list as well as link all kinds of social content like reviews.

These additions will be launched all over the globe for both iPhone and Android users, the company added.

In other news, Google mentioned how it was working on the likes of making Google Maps more inviting with a change in its interface. This includes color scheme changes so that the home screen is clearer in design and features fewer tabs. There will also be newer hues, the company explained.

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