Google Decides To Pull The Plug On Its ‘Add Me To Search’ People Cards Feature By Next Month

Google’s People Cards feature will cease to exist after the search giant confirmed its lack of usefulness in recently sent email alerts to users.

The search engine giant is getting rid of the rollout as early as April 7, 2024. Moreover, the news comes after the company opted that this rollout was not going to serve any more useful purpose than they had planned at the start.

Image: Suganthan Mohanadasan / X

The initiative was launched in the year 2020 so that it could make things simpler for the masses to get data highlighted regarding themselves on the Search platform. After all, places like webpages and leading social profiles do need it.

We first saw the option to go live in destinations like Nigeria, South Africa, India, and Kenya. But other places did have fans who got access to the endeavor through the likes of a VPN.

The news about its discontinuation was generated through emails that were rolled out to people producing cards. And while it did reaffirm how people's cards were working as scheduled, it failed to draw the same kind of enthusiasm that we all needed.

The company is enabling users to install or save the content from People Cards until the start of May and when the date surpasses, all relevant data in this regard will be removed.

For years, many have been making use of this feature as their own personal business card for virtual purposes. They assisted professionals as well as recruiters in creating the right kind of presence in the online world.

It was particularly handy for those having common names or those having great trouble with access to the right type of visibility for Search.

The card would feature a new field featuring the name of the user and its respective location and the ‘about’ job section. It even had optional links for profiles and all types of specific data.

Does this change have any abrupt impact on people’s lives is the question that many of us might ponder? And the company says no as it would not affect the firm’s other range of goods and services on offer.

But it might serve as the worst form of disappointment for those putting heavy reliance on the rollout to create the right online presence.

Seeing the Android maker’s decision to remove people's cards is also doubtful because many individuals would display personal data as well as professional achievements witnessed online.

Remember, the digital landscape continues to expand as we speak and that is why firms like Google are trying to go about the right type of changes to make sure they give more value to users around the globe.

Getting rid of such features that don’t add the right form of value means Google can now use those resources elsewhere and that is a sensible decision in our eyes.

Moreover, the company hopes to roll out alerts to all of its users about the date of discontinuation.

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