Elon Musk Clashes With Don Lemon In Fiery Interview While Defending Free Speech And Diversity

Elon Musk is a true force to reckon with and that was evident during a new tense interview with Don Lemmon.

The X owner went head to head in what many described as an explosive ordeal that ended up costing Lemon his deal with the app. But that didn’t deter him from publishing the interview on YouTube where critics also had their say after reflecting on the matter.

The clips proved how the chats were not as cordial as one had hoped for with Musk getting tired and angry on several occasions as accusations were hurled against him.

There was even one point in the entire conversation where Lemon spoke about the controversial topic of hate speech on that app and the way it has continued to grow since he took over Twitter. But Musk slammed the stats and mentioned how the studies he’s read prove otherwise.

The tech billionaire made it very clear how his stance on free speech and promoting diversity was unequivocal since day one and he’s sticking to his guns.

Musk asked Lemon in a hypocritical manner that he seemed to be more inclined to promote censorship than anything else. This moment took center stage when we saw plenty of mentions of how Lemon accused him of promoting content that went against the app’s policy and brought back accounts known for breaking rules on the app.

Image: Don Lemon Show - YT

While Lemon made it clear where he was coming from, the more he spoke on the matter, the worse it got for him. Musk kept on saying that content moderation is a propaganda word for censorship and that was not something that he was in favor of, since day one.

Another topic revolved around mass shooters becoming radicalized across various apps online and then pointing towards a direct correlation taking place between hatred online and real-life acts of violence on a gross scale.

The back and forth went on and on and Musk was furious at some points including how he was asked if his app was busy promoting hate speech or not. Musk denied the latter. Lemon concluded by adding how Musk had a huge responsibility resting on his shoulders.

He was told that with an app as big and powerful as X, it’s important to remember that every action could have a consequence that greatly impacts the world. There’s a constant responsibility that comes with this and so you cannot put everything out there for the world without calculating its impact.

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