Court Decision Favors Google and Apple in Search Engine Dispute

A court has made a decision that affects Google and Apple over their partnership in the search engine business. A search advertiser had accused Google and Apple of working together to avoid competition in the search market. But, a judge named Pitts from the Northern District of California decided that these claims could not move forward in court.

The lawsuit was started in 2021 by a company called California Crane School. They said that Google being the main search engine on Apple's Safari browser was part of a plan to stop competition. They also thought this made the cost of search ads go up.

However, Judge Pitts said that just because Google is very successful in search and search ads, it doesn't mean they are breaking the law by working with Apple. He explained that their partnership might just be a smart business move for both companies, rather than a plan to stop competing with each other.

Last month, another lawsuit with similar complaints was dismissed by Judge Rita Lin. She said there was no strong evidence that Google and Apple's deal was against the law or that it stopped other companies from competing in the search market.

Meanwhile, Google is facing another legal challenge from the federal government. This case is about whether Google has too much control over the search market, mainly because of its partnership with Apple. This case is still waiting for a decision from Judge Amit Mehta in Washington, D.C.

So far, the courts have decided that the partnership between Google and Apple in the search engine market does not break antitrust laws. These decisions mean Google and Apple can continue their partnership as it is. The outcome of the government's case against Google is still pending.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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