Apple’s Third-Party Payment Rules Opposed By Meta, Microsoft, X, And Match In New Petition

Tech giants are having their say against Apple’s third-party payment rules, giving Epic Games greater support in its ongoing legal battle against the iPhone maker.

Notable names from the tech world including X, Microsoft, Meta, and Match are having their say on this front in the form of a new petition that was filed recently.

The companies made it very clear how they were not interested in Apple’s decision to charge developers a certain fee for any kind of payment made out of the iOS system’s App Store. This was recently reported by the Wall Street Journal who adds how such heavyweight ordeals can really give a strong backing to Epic during this moment in time.

The iPhone maker says it was forced to make the choice in regards to the launch of the Digital Markets Act across the EU region. This came after a court’s decision was made across the US.

It similarly made way for other app marketplaces to take the stage across the EU on iOS systems.

For those who might not be aware, this firm takes a whopping 30% in the name of its share of profits when purchases are done via the App Store. Therefore, they wished to continue with their gains, even with the rollout of the DMA recently.

It also felt that it might be in a loss of dropping a significant figure of commission. Therefore, it might charge fees that go up to a staggering 27% when a developer processes the purchase externally from its App Store.

Epic Games was seen rolling out a petition this past month where it requested the judge to rule in its favor of permeant injunctions against iPhone maker Apple as a means of their ruling in such cases between two organizations.

This type of change forced Apple to give developers the chance to provide options to users directly regarding alternative payment streams.

The majority of the ruling done by the judge went in Apple’s favor. While both parties involved issued an appeal on this front, they were declined by the American High Court.

This means the permanent injunction against the iPhone maker still stands today but Epic Games was not satisfied in terms of how Apple put this change on payments made by third parties involved.

The four firms that did support the petition of Epic Games added how Apple resorting to the addition of a fee for external payments means the rules seen in the past remain the same with no change. They feel it’s beyond the mandate allocated and that’s not fair.

X says this 27% fee does not provide developers a lot of room to resort to payment techniques outside of the system. Remember, Microsoft has mentioned time and time again how the new policy by Apple restricts the chance to give users a subscription and discount.

Let’s not forget how many are opposing the changes by Apple because it would impact a host of developers as well as users, providing a chance for the court to give users more competition for things like pricing.

Facebook’s parent firm is charging a bigger amount for plans that are ad-free and even a boost for posts across iOS apps than those seen on the web. Did we mention how ad-free subscriptions happen to be pricier for Android apps?

Google takes a major share of payments like Apple too so we cannot forget that.

Meta added how it hopes it can direct its users to a host of alternative payment options for posts getting boosted online.

Apple did mention how it was in compliance with the court’s ruling. It mentioned further how all external link policies are significant to make sure both privacy and security are intact.

Remember, Apple has time and time again dinged compliance with the Digital Markets Act as critics suggest the firm is adhering to letter by word but not in actual spirit.

From what we can see right now, Meta, Microsoft, X, and Match keep on filing petitions each day after seeing the EU’s chief warned the iPhone maker about installing new developer fees.

Many critics feel the feedback that developers are giving is going to play the most crucial role here regarding Apple’s fate with the new DMA ruling. And from what we can see, third parties are not happy.

Remember, Epic Games does not seem too happy for another reason and that has to do with the timing of this news. The brand is rolling out its own game store for Android and iOS in the latter part of 2024. Moreover, the firm added how such a store would be categorized as cross-platform amongst PC and mobile users. It similarly hopes to give out information about charging mobile game developers a similar 12% share from sales of PC games.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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