Apple In Deep Waters After Rolling Out Security Warnings About Alternative App Stores

iPhone maker Apple’s Core Technology Fee is under the spotlight in the European Union and while that might not be too shocking, there’s more to the matter.

A recently held interview featuring the antitrust chief in the region spoke about how the firm is also heading in a dangerous setting after it chose to roll out security warnings regarding other app stores.

While the company is yet to be named, critics feel there is no doubt in anyone’s mind about who is involved here, referring to the matter as a very unwise decision.

As it is, the current DMA has forced all developers wishing to opt out of the App Store and choose alternative means for selling products to now pay a respective fee dubbed CTF featuring a 50 Euro price tag for every installation yearly.

This type of fee is only applicable after the product goes over and above the million installations figure but the fact that fears are in place regarding this makes it all the worse as having a free-of-cost popular app is no longer possible with such measures.

Some developers are speaking about how one app getting 10 million downloads means paying a massive 5 million Euro fee to Apple under this new law and that’s not a small figure.

When the iPhone maker was questioned about making Indie developers who had apps going viral, the company failed to refute the claims. Instead, it just says that it does not have any solution to the problem yet.

So the current investigation on this front being held by EU regulators is what benefits Apple’s new core tech fee brings to the table and if it’s not attractive amongst developers, then no one would make use of it.

Moving on, Apple’s security warnings about alternative App Stores have already left people in awe. Some say it was done strategically to ensure everyone keeps coming back to Apple for purchases and downloads while others feel it’s a friendly reminder that shouldn’t be taken so seriously.

It seems to be a brutal tactic to discourage others from using different places that are external to the iOS store. The threats surrounding the malware are plenty and the scams and frauds here are also mighty, it added. And with objectionable content up for grabs everyone, the fact that people’s data are at risk at all times has people talking.

However, experts feel this sort of behavior that the tech giant is using to discourage others from opting to rivals is not right as it might lead to a full-blown investigation with Apple heading into deep waters.

They feel such services are not wise in terms of usage as it has nothing related to the DMA. The latter opens the market so that service providers can benefit and see how you’re functioning in the whole operating system. So in the end, they are in charge of deciding if they want to go down the route or not.

The EU has plenty of regulators in place that can worry about other app stores being unsafe so that means Apple needs to stay silent on this front and focus more on itself than others.

As it is, the EU keeps getting a lot of criticism regarding the appropriate compliance measures that were allocated by firms impacted by the Digital Markets Act.

So as you can see, the world of tech can play dirty sometimes but actions have repercussions and those must be considered before it’s too late.

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