AI Revolution: Survey Finds 67% of Businesses Leverage AI for SEO and Content

A study conducted by SEMRush shows that many companies globally are now using AI to get the work done. Many digital marketers are getting help from AI for their work. Another poll shows similar result that 40% of the marketers are using many AI tools while only 13% of the marketers are not incorporating any kind of AI tools in their work.

The SEMRush survey was done with 2,600 marketers globally to find out how they are using AI in their work to lessen their work load and add creativity to their work.

SEMRush included different kinds of digital marketers in their survey including micro businesses (46%), small businesses (30%), medium sized businesses (16%), Large businesses (7%) and big agencies (1%). The things they learned after the survey was that 67% of these businesses are already using AI for SEO purposes and content generation. 37% of them are not using AI for work because they do not understand it properly and are not sure how it works. After asking the participants if they are satisfied with incorporation of AI in their work, 78% of the marketers said that they are satisfied with the content AI generates for them.

58% of the marketers use AI for searching for new ideas for the content they want to produce while 52% rewrite and paraphrase the text they have written through AI to give it a better version. 50% of these marketers use generative AI to write content from scratch. 40% also use AI to expand the text they have written.

When the marketers were asked about the kind of content they write with AI, the answers were blog posts (58%), social media posts (55%), short articles (49%) and emails/newsletters (29%). 99% of the participants said that they also use other tools in addition to AI to write content. 50% said that they use analytics while 49% said that they also use SEO tools. 49% use different kinds of prompts for AI to produce content while 41% ask AI to ‘write like a content writer’ when they want it to produce content for marketing purposes.

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