A Survey Finds that Many People Are Wary of AI and Do Not Trust It At All Due to Several Reasons

A survey from Edelman, a global communications firm, says that people’s trust in AI is decreasing all over the world. This survey came just right when regulators are trying to implement some rules where AI is used. The European Union’s AI Act is an example of it. Edelman’s Trust Barometer 2024 also shows that people around the world believe that technology, like AI, isn’t getting managed well and that’s why people are not trusting it completely.

Richard Edelman who is the CEO of the firm says that people are saying that the government isn’t taking any measures to regulate the stream of innovations and that’s why people are afraid that AI is going to take their jobs. Some also believe that use of AI is breaching their privacy and also affecting their overall lifestyle. Only 19% of the respondents are afraid that AI is going to take over their jobs. Respondents worry that AI will not maintain their privacy (39%), AI will devalue human work (38%) and it will bring harm to people (37%). The data also shows similar thoughts and according to it, 76% of people trust general technology as compared to only 50% who believe in AI.

Globally, the trust percentage of people in AI in 5 years has dropped from 61% to 53%. In the US, a drastic drop from 50% to 35% was seen. In developed markets, the resistance for AI use is more as compared to countries that do not have a stable market. Countries like France, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, the US, Germany, Australia, Holland, and Sweden do not trust AI and do not plan to use it in their work. On the other hand, countries with developing markets like Saudi Arabia, India, China, Kenya, Nigeria, and Thailand, the resistance to adapt AI is a little less. In the US, a surprising thing was also seen as 58% of Republicans are not in favor of using AI technology. This percentage is more than the Republicans that resisted the use of the MRNA vaccine. 45% of the democrats do not want use of AI in their work.

People in the USA are also concerned about the harmful impacts of AI on society (61%), its security concerns (52%) and AI being harmful to people(37%). Many people are still worried about new innovations and that also includes AI.

Global trust in AI drops from 61% to 53% over five years, with the US experiencing a significant decline from 50% to 35%.

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