X's Hiring Feature Hits 1 Million Job Openings Milestone, Enhances Premium Subscription

X is making strides with one of its latest features, now boasting over a million job openings listed through X Hiring. This service is a part of X Premium, a subscription package in the app. Job listings first appeared on business profiles in August last year.

They were a part of a high-end package that cost businesses $1,000 per month. Since then, X has made these job postings part of all X Premium packages. It even introduced a cheaper version of its business verification option. Last month, X also started allowing job listings on personal profiles for Premium subscribers in the U.S.

The growth in job listings on X is significant. Early last month, there were 750,000 job openings advertised. In just a few weeks, this number grew by an additional 250,000.

The ability of X to connect people with similar professional interests makes it a strong platform for job ads. Since job listings come with the Premium package without extra cost, it's a smart move for businesses to use this feature to advertise their openings.

However, the increase in job listings might not directly indicate the feature's popularity. It could simply mean that businesses are taking advantage of a free service included in their subscription.

What would really show the value of X Hiring is data on how many jobs get filled through the app and how helpful businesses find this service.
X Hiring is part of Elon Musk's vision to turn X into an "everything app." Musk hopes to add more features like payments to make X a one-stop platform for various needs. Despite these ambitions, X's transformation into an everything app is still a work in progress.

X has introduced new features like audio and video calls, job ads, and longer uploads. However, there's little evidence that users want X to change significantly from what Twitter was.

Musk has big plans for X, including reaching 600 million users by 2025 and significantly increasing its revenue. But, for now, these goals seem far off. X currently has around 250 million users, and its revenue from subscriptions is much lower than Musk's projections.

Despite the challenges, X Hiring appears to be a promising feature. Many businesses are trying it out. X is also making it easier for Premium subscribers to make money on the app. A new "Monetization" tab lets users track their earnings and learn about different ways to earn through X. This could be particularly useful as some creators have faced issues with X's monetization rules.

In summary, while X is working on expanding its features and offering more opportunities for users and creators, the platform is still evolving. The success of X Hiring and other new features remains to be seen, but they represent steps toward Musk's broader vision for the app.

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