Twitter Employees' Decision To Disobey Elon Musk May Have Saved Him From Hefty Fines, FTC Confirms

Saying no to Elon Musk when you happen to be an employee in a firm that he owns is a big and bold decision. After all, we all know what the consequences can be.

Now, a shocking revelation by the FTC says that this kind of disobedience may have been looked down upon by Musk at the time but in the long run, this is exactly what saved him from being penalized with hefty fines.

The tech billionaire reportedly ordered his workers to reveal the firm’s information to media reporters who asked for it. But not everyone felt that was a wise decision and therefore opted to go against his calls.

For those who might not be aware, the regulatory body has been scrutinizing Twitter for quite some time now. A large group of journalists even went as far as publishing another bombshell document that spoke about matters that went behind the scenes. The controversy was dubbed Twitter Files and it spoke about all the decisions and actions taken by one of the world’s most wealthy and influential individuals, right before he took on the leading position of Twitter’s CEO, which is now known as X.

As per testimonies going public right now, Musk wanted Twitter workers to give the press complete access to all the files of Twitter, ensuring there were no limits in this regard.

If those orders were indeed followed, they would have ended up violating orders rolled out by the government which placed limitations on any data and privacy practices being rolled out.

As per a letter rolled out to the chair of the FTC, which was also reviewed by the Business Insider, the firm failed in terms of violating any kind of terms and conditions.

This might be linked to the fact that those working for a long time in the IT sector of the organization knew that this might be serious trouble if they did engage in obeying his demands. They ignored the billionaire and prevented writers from gaining access to the app’s internal system as mentioned in the recently published document.

In May of 2022, we saw the FTC charge the leading social media giant a whopping $150 million fine as they felt they were attaining data secretly belonging to users through the sale of phone numbers and any email IDs that users were listing to ensure accounts remained protected at all times when handed to advertisers.

Alongside the mega fine, charges entailed six provisions that would be designed to better the privacy of user data in the future. After all, that is the goal of all leading platforms from all over the globe today.

One of those clauses had to do with restricting workers’ access to all kinds of private and sensitive information seen online. And that was certainly a long time coming for obvious reasons.

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