Tech Giants OpenAI, Meta, Google, And Microsoft Unite In Effort To Fight AI Election Deepfakes

The rise in deepfake images continues to go strong and that’s one reason why tech giants are concerned as the election period is set to take center stage in the US and around the globe.

Plenty of people were seen expressing serious concern on this front and that’s probably why Google, Microsoft, Meta, and OpenAI have united on this front. The news is even more concerning now than ever as AI-generated images of the leading star Taylor Swift started to flood across the popular X social media network.

Some reports went on to delineate how pictures produced on this front were done through Microsoft’s popular AI picture generator called Designer.

Remember, this year is the year where the US is set to get a new head of the nation and there happens to be even more concern linked to AI deepfake pictures being used negatively to influence voters throughout the election period.

This is why tech giants feel it’s better now than ever to make use of the best resources to combat using AI technology in a deceptive means for the election period.

This agreement was rolled out at this year’s Munich Security Conference and was dubbed AI Elections Accord. The firms on board with the agreement included a press release that stated how the above-mentioned companies would now follow a set of regulations to combat misinformation taking center stage.

The press release stated how a leading number of organizations were working toward fighting against election efforts like deepfakes. They hope to roll out great technology that limits the risks on this front while also working toward using open-source tools when and if it’s deemed appropriate.

They similarly hope to work towards detecting content distribution on these apps and assess the model to understand any risks attached in terms of deceiving election content. Lastly, they hope to offer greater support to ensure public awareness is intact, not to mention great media literacy and leading resilience.

The head of Microsoft was among the leading executives who stated in a new press release how they hoped to embrace AI benefits while speaking of a great responsibility to ensure tools do not begin weaponized throughout the election period.

The head of Microsoft happened to be among all the company executives who stated inside press releases how this was more necessary now than ever as the goal right now is to ensure deception flourishes.

Another stark example was put into the limelight including how a robocall featuring the voice of US President Joe Biden took center stage where he urged him to voice in the New Hampshire region. After a prompt investigation on this front, it was mentioned how calls were soon found to be produced through the likes of a firm based in Texas and therefore were made using AI technology.

Image: Digital Information World - AIgen

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