Reservations About Google’s Third-Party Cookie Depreciation Gives Amazon Edge With Mega Ad Data Deal

In case you didn’t know, the CMA in the UK has expressed plenty of reservations about Google’s Privacy Sandbox.

This means saying hello to a less-than-likely chance of it getting rid of third-party cookies but what might appear like a loss for Google is a gain for the likes of Amazon who has just managed to strike a massive Ad Data Deal.

The company reached a historic deal with one of the United Kingdom’s biggest publishers of all time. This means saying hello to access to data belonging to customers linked to targeted ads.

The agreement was one of the first of its type taking place in the EU region and it arrives in regards to the firm’s plans to depreciate cookies belonging to third parties during the latter part of the year.

The reason why the news is making headlines has to do with the fact that we’ve got plenty of advertisers trying to search for better options that go beyond the likes of cookies for targeting purposes that arise in the form of ads.

So such a deal can serve as the best form of competition and as alternatives for clients seen online that are deemed to be high value.

So how does such an agreement work? Well, this type of deal would enable the Reach firm to enter a contextual first-party data agreement with Amazon where data regarding articles that people adore are on display.

The data would be used by Amazon to better target advertising across various UK publisher websites and give advertisers a lot of chances to carry out effective advertising around the globe.

For now, plenty of financial details are hidden and not being disclosed online, keeping brand safety at the top of the list. The company Reach says it hopes to make the most of it and ensure the advertising tool is in place so that publishers can benefit. This would make sure ads are displayed right next to content that users engage in regularly and love.

The collaboration assists Amazon in targeting a specific type of audience that deals with publications from Reach like OK and Mirror, as well as Daily Star.

Third-party cookies might not seem like a big deal but they are. They’re the names allotted to tiny data pieces placed across users’ devices by a certain webpage that’s different from what a user might have landed on. It would track browsing history and enable personalized ads, depending on what the activity of the user might be.

So what does tech giant Amazon have to say on this front? For starters, the Ads director for the EU explained how ad tech sales keep on informing how shifts in the industry must be accounted for. This is true for those places where cookies are not up for grabs and therefore are critical in terms of creating actionable insights that allow advertisers to attain the right audience and not compromise upon reach.

UK's CMA raises issues with Google's Privacy Sandbox; Amazon clinches landmark ad data agreement with UK publisher.
Photo: Digital Information World - AIgen

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