OpenAI Is Developing A Search Engine That Could Offer Serious Competition For Google

The makers of ChatGPT are working on a new web search offering that’s powered by Microsoft’s Bing.

The news was confirmed recently by The Information who mentioned how it’s not too surprising to see such news coming forward. OpenAI with its new web crawler that’s dubbed GPTBot is already causing a commotion online. Let’s not forget how users of ChatGPT Plus can even make use of Browse the Bing to better search the web online.

OpenAI already has a massively popular product at its fingertips called ChatGPT. A lot of experts state that those making use of customized search through GPT-4 treat it in a manner that’s quite like a search engine.

If the tech giant really does roll out this new plan, we can see how this search product would really be worth watching as it would serve as a great means for organic traffic or a manner to raise awareness of brands and firms.

We don’t think it’s going to be a major stiff rival for Google right now, but perhaps the future does seem to be a little brighter than what was mentioned in the past. They are all super skeptical in terms of what’s next.

Remember, there are more search alternatives already present in the industry like Microsoft Bing’s Search endeavor. People are skeptical as we speak. If a software giant like the latter couldn’t make it big and beat Google, despite being worth $3 trillion, we don’t see how a new AI search firm can swipe it out.

There is little to no change in the company’s search market share which is yet to fluctuate.

Remember, Google has become an integral lifestyle for many individuals around the globe. As mentioned in the past, it’s a major part of their daily lives. The growing number of antitrust cases heading in Google’s direction is already at its peak and the thought of having more competition from the likes of OpenAI has people talking.

For a while now, we’ve witnessed a host of search engines roll out with massive hype across the board in terms of being stiff competition for Google. Unfortunately, they tend to fail and Google keeps on rising to the top.

As far as how far this new endeavor in search will go by ChatGPT, only time can tell and therefore we just need to wait and watch patiently.

ChatGPT's collaboration with Bing signals potential disruption in web search, but Google's dominance remains unchallenged.

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