News Startup Rolls Out AI Editorial Tool That Uses Microsoft Bing And ChatGPT To Generate Multi-Source News Feed

Popular news site Semafor has just rolled out a powerful AI-based editorial tool dubbed Signals.

The tool is said to make use of AI-based research, attaining help from Microsoft’s Bing and ChatGPT. What users get in the end is a news feed from various sources around the globe, as mentioned by the startup on Monday.

Microsoft is providing full sponsorship for Signals and also rolling out a disguised amount in the name of funding, as mentioned by The Financial Times. It created the customized AI bot so that journalists can benefit from this OpenAI platform as well as Bing.

Meanwhile, Site Editors spoke about the findings arising from the chatbot and how it was able to generate all kinds of accurate answers, produce synopses, and also cite sources if need be.

Meanwhile, another post was found on X where the editor-in-chief spoke about the great efforts involved in bettering the digital media landscape that’s been broken for years.

They spoke about how AI tools are the future and it’s not used solely for the likes of generating articles. Instead, it would be used for assisting the entire research ordeal seen on branded stories that are found on Signals.

Semafor mentioned how AI technology is taken advantage of to reduce bias and mistrust through the likes of distillation from a series of global sources.

On this particular site, we saw stories about signals being produced using AI technology and how it’s labeled with Semafor Signals and attained support from software giant Microsoft.

There’s even one news section on the Signals that combines context for every news story from all sorts of sources across the board.

Signals pop up on the homepage for Semafor and that’s going to be included in the real newsletter as per this statement generated.

Semafor made the decision to embrace AI tools and it’s quite different from what’s seen on various other media outlets like The New York Times. The latter is the one who rolled out a lawsuit against the tech giant and ChatGPT maker in December for things like copyright infringement.

Semafor making use of AI is not going to be like making use of the tool to generate articles through the technology. Instead, it has to do with G/O Media which has various other sites under its ownership like Gizmodo and Kotaku who have put forward AI-produced content that was critiqued by its workers in the previous year.

Photo: DIW - AIgen

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