Microsoft Windows 11 Rolls Out Commercial Ads For Copilot AI Assistant

Software giant Microsoft just confirmed how it was rolling out ads for its much-talked-about Copilot AI Assistant.

For those who might not be aware, the famous initiative is called Copilot Pro and gives rise to a series of extra perks as well as enhancements. This includes the likes of more access to GPT-4 Turbo, customized GPTs, and the integration of Office into the rollout too.

Now, there are discussions about how there seems to be a new upgrade as this makeshift change of ads being launched on the AI tool takes center stage.

Critics claim the tech giant is really pushing the pedal on this endeavor and that means we’re soon to see more revenue getting generated through this means as it arrives to Windows 11 very soon.

The tech giant wishes to make sure each Windows 11 user is well aware of how Copilot Pro works so it’s all decided from the start how ads would be rolled out across the Settings tab of the app as well as the Home Page.

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This also means that when the tab gets opened through default each time, you will see the banner for Copilot Pro attain plenty of attention when it’s out and about for users across the board.

There will also be a discussion about what Copilot Pro does in that very same ad and even enables users to click on a huge button used for subscription or learning more about the endeavor like perks on what to expect through a certain link attached.

Social media experts are talking about how such subscriptions in the form of cards are designed in the Settings Home Page as well as the section for the Copilot Pro in the settings of Accounts that display information.

While the firm is yet to roll out any banner about this right now, we saw some insiders at Windows generate previews of how they’ve spotted it so it’s like a sneak peak on what to expect very soon. Insiders also mentioned how the previews were found on Dev and Beta channels and they did not enable hidden rollouts or Identification features.

If you want to see the newest ad on this front that’s found on Windows 11, you can simply enable this by clicking on the tool dubbed ViveTool.

It must be mentioned that this Copilot Pro is up for grabs for those located in the US. Meanwhile, the banner and the features that come with it are said to be limited in design.

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