Microsoft Unveils Ambitious Plans To Train 2M Indians In AI After Being Hailed As World’s Most Valuable Firm

Software giant Microsoft is staying true to its name of being the world’s most valuable organization.

The company has had a successful 2023 and it hopes to carry that on in 2024 through a long list of aggressive investments linked to the world of AI. The company’s CEO mentioned how it has a long list of goals to achieve and it hopes to do just that by training 2 million Indians.

Satya Nadella boasted during his recent speech how the firm has one of the best business models around the globe, especially after the launch of GPT4 which is in collaboration with AI giant OpenAI. The news was announced during a corporate event that was held last Wednesday.

Furthermore, he shed light on how important it was for good competition to arise on this front, ensuring the company stayed on the tip of its toes. He did explain how a lot of work still needed to be done, especially when it comes down to LLM.

The reality check comes at a time when we saw him pitching the firm’s powerful lineup of AI offers to leaders belonging to India’s biggest firms. During his 35-minute address, he spoke about imploring firms and the need to explore more means to use AI effectively so that productivity keeps on boosting while products remain refined. He also added how there was an urge to ensure they remain at the head of the game and not fall behind.

The head of Microsoft says India is a nation where IT continues to boost as we speak and that’s why the country needs to do more in terms of centering operations around the world of AI. Such capabilities can have significant effects on the GDP, he added.

Born and raised in the Indian nation, it makes sense as to why Nadella wants the South Asian nation to grow and transform into the second biggest talent base where AI developers would flourish across GitHub.

Referring to India as a nation that was not just incredible, he says the nation is actually making the effort to step out of its comfort zone and have big aspirations. So going after your goals is the best way to achieve them, he explained.

The firm also mentioned how he would be offering some great AI skills to a whopping 2 million individuals in India that are found across small-scale cities and towns, starting as early as 2025.

Nadella elaborated on how he feels that whatever is taking place in the Indian nation is miraculous and he couldn’t be more proud of their efforts and progress. He says they are keen on paving their own unique path.

One of the most unique offerings on this front includes transforming the company into an ethical data firm that makes datasets in different Indian languages to ensure effective AI training of models and spread employment and education in areas that most need them like rural locations.

Photo: MS

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