Israel Finally Agrees To Starlink Launch For Medical Aid In Troubled Gaza Strip

The ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip has turned into a major humanitarian catastrophe. Many Palestinians have been calling on Elon Musk for his Starlink technology to be launched in the region to assist those in dire need of medical aid.

The whole matter turned into a massive controversy and Musk was put in the hot seat as he refused to launch the technology until and unless he got permission from Israel.

Today, we finally have a major breakthrough on that front. The nation’s communications minister just confirmed how the license for operations to enable SpaceX to function in the troubled region has been granted. This means high-speed internet access can now be provided to those on the ground which was previously cut off. As one can imagine, life with telecommunications led to absolute blackout and chaos.

At the start of the conflict, SpaceX came head to head in regards to the offering of access to Starlink in the conflicted region as humanitarian groups called for aid or immediate restoration to enable their operations to be carried out effectively.

Thankfully, a breakthrough deal has now been reached and while it was a long time coming, many in the region are breathing a sigh of relief.

Today, the country’s security authorities ended up approving the provision of Starlink Services at the field hospital set up by the UAE in the Rafah region. With this new technology, high-speed connectivity will allow for video conferencing and effective communications with other medical teams in the area, also paving the way for remote diagnostics to take place in real time.

At the moment, the access for Starlink is said to be isolated to just a single hospital. With time, it may expand to a host of other leading humanitarian groups in this area. In the same way, Gaza Strip units are being allocated to better support all kinds of humanitarian-based causes, only after security forces in Israel confirmed that there would be risks attached to national security.

In reply to that, the CEO of SpaceX also tweeted how he hopes to assist people in the region, including those in Israel and any in the Gaza Strip.

The news arose at a time when Rafah became flooded with all kinds of refugees who fled the area due to the growing violence. Both Israel and Hamas are yet to reach an agreement for a ceasefire and while that would be ideal, both sides would now have to make do with this.

Many residents have already been told to brace for a serious incursion in the region so with technology restored, citizens can at least expect to attain medical aid in time, allowing teams to save hundreds of innocent lives that have been suffering for months.

Israel says the goal is to ensure uninterrupted internet access for both wired and cellular devices.

Image: Starlink

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