Is Google Sunsetting Gmail In 2024? New Hoax Leaves Users Confused

Rumors are going strong on social media about Google’s journey with Gmail coming to an end. And that too as early as this year.

If you paid witness to such a shocking hoax that’s fast spreading online too then we can confirm that it’s not true by any means. The Android maker is addressing the need for users to calm down after the hoax emphasizing the company’s goodbye to Gmail.

Many versions of this hoax can be found online on the Twitter (X) app. But Google has rest assured everyone to take it easy and that it’s not going anywhere. However, a clause also mentions how users would now be defaulted to new views on Gmail. So other than those cases where you had specifically requested for the basic HTML version, nothing is going to change.

The search engine giant just made updates to its respective support page too instead of this hoax and how it will now change to Standard display after the issuance of a deadline date.

Reports by users on tech outlet Hacker News mentioned how they got emails from the company that signaled the feature was now coming to a close and that obviously created a state of panic across the board.

Hoax about Gmail's demise debunked by Google, emphasizing continuity while introducing default views and updates.
Screenshots: DIW - Gmail web

Google says it wants to make it very clear about where its Gmail stands right now to avoid last-minute panic. Users can expect to see their mobile and desktop web Gmail Basic HTML views getting disabled from the start of January this year. The basic HTML views on display right now are from old variants of Gmail that had been replaced by modern versions close to a decade ago. They don’t entail complete Gmail features.

Today, when users make the effort to access HTML variants, the company rolls out messages stating how the variant is designed for slower connectivity and those having legacy browsers. Therefore, it’s now asking users to confirm whether or not they want to make use of standard variants or not.

The latest HTML variant has a few new features like chat, grammar checks, shortcuts for the keyboard, and any kind of rich formatting tools. But we can see how it will serve as something super useful in those scenarios where you happen to be in an area with low connections.

The same would be the case if users wish to look at emails without having more bells and whistles attached. For now, it’s still not clear if Google wishes to add a new variant for situations where there is low connectivity.

For the time being, the search engine giant is focusing more on the likes of adding AI-based technology to a wide array of its offerings. And Gmail seems to be a part of that list. In the past month, we saw the company roll out Duet AI features to assist users in generating emails when in a rush.

Meanwhile, last week, we saw it giving Bard the chance to incorporate several Google accounts so queries can be asked regarding email history.

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