Hiya Reports Surge in Fraud Calls in Q4 2023 in the US, Warns of Upcoming AI-Generated Voice Scams Worldwide

Hiya, which is a Voice Security Firm, says that fraud calls have increased a lot in the last quarter of 2023 in America. But this isn’t something to be happy about because fraud through AI calls is going to start soon all over the world. These calls can use AI generated voices of someone you know and can fool the people easily. When people hear the voice of their acquaintance or loved one, they are likely to believe that call more. The study by Hiya shows that 29% of calls that Americans received were all spam calls and only 1% of these calls were fraud.

The President of Hiya, Kush Parik, says that scam calls are increasing day by day and no phone user is safe from it. It is a global issue so all the people related to the telecommunication industry should start raising awareness and they should take measures to make calls safe and trustworthy to people. If a serious measure isn't taken, then the goal of telecommunication will no longer be achieved.

Hiya’s data in its Global Call Threat Report reveals that America received the least number of fraud calls in the whole world in Q4 of 2023. There was an increase in calls from unknown numbers but the number of fraud calls was less. People received the most unwanted calls in the Holiday Season with 7.3 billion calls in Q4 globally as compared to 6.55 billion in Q3. After Thanksgiving, 357 million spam calls were recorded. In the US, people received on average 15 spam calls per month making 29% of spam calls. The 1% of scam calls were mostly about Medicare, Insurance, Credit Cards and many payment platform apps. But surprisingly, these scam calls had the lowest fraud rates globally.

Despite increase in spam calls, Hiya data shows US had lowest fraud rates globally in Q4 2023.

The European country having the most spam call rate in Q4 was France with 47%, surpassing Spain. People in France receive an average of 10 spam calls monthly. In the UK, people received 4 calls per person on average with a spam rate of 28%. Most of the scam calls in UK were about immigrants visas and Amazon imposters. Brazil had 44% spam calls, with 9% identified as fraud. The states with most spam calls in the US were Oklahoma and Ohio with 28% spam rate. Alaska had the lowest rate of spam calls at 13%.

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