Google Pledges 25 Million Euros For The Betterment Of AI Education And Training In EU

Search engine giant Google has just pledged 25 million euros (or 26.9 million USD) in an effort to better AI education and training across Europe.

The news was confirmed by the tech giant on Monday after he mentioned how the region can really pave the way toward ensuring AI remains the strongest and most equitable component of the economy. This means saying hello to the most productive industries meaningful work and a plethora of new jobs thanks to this breakthrough technology.

The company’s head for Google Europe outlined how they are keen on playing an active role in empowering the region’s workforce and ensuring people continue to get the support they need via change so that the masses may benefit.

The massive $27 million funding for the educational sector arises from the company’s nonprofit division that’s designed to ensure the right support is in store for skills like AI training and more across places in Europe that are considered to be underserved and very vulnerable.

Close to $10.8 million will be allocated toward the region’s workers who are familiar with the technology while the rest of the funds would go to those who might feel like they’re being left behind.

In the same manner, the money would be used to add several options for language change across the company’s AI courses that are free of cost. The search engine giant promised how it wishes to expand the entire Career Certificates feature so that more talent related to AI comes forward as a means of being the region’s best effort to help support this cause.
The search engine giant says the main goal right now has to do with supporting workers who are mostly impacted by the likes of the working sector transitions that are brought about through AI, thanks to the latest funding. It would be doing this through a series of nonprofits that would assist in ensuring workers remain educated as per the website’s funding.

This latest pledge was created to better support the company’s Center for Public Impact which mentioned in bold terms how the mission was to better shape the government depending on which values were in store like trust, diversity, and even humility.

All member nations that were registered under the EU 27 list would be able to apply for the sake of funding. But this means organizations under the UK would be exempt from attaining the funding. We would be seeing applications roll out during the start of this year.

AI has great potential to convert the world into a better place. Moreover, research shows how the benefits linked to the world of AI could enhance any inequalities in place at the moment. This is true for those sectors entailing security and jobs linked to the economic division, as mentioned in a statement published by executive director Adrian Brown.

The company failed to specify which sectors under the EU would be greatly affected by the change in AI. As a matter of fact, the organization would be replacing quite a few of its own workers linked to AI, as per a statement generated on this front in December.

In the past, we saw the firm provide a host of digital skills where the training of close to 12 million individuals was found to be present in the EU via the Grow with Google offering that’s currently up for grabs for free.

For now, it’s not quite clear where AI education stands and the benefits it provides could actually curb job losses. This means this might impact close to 40% of the jobs seen around the globe, not to mention how in most cases, AI would worsen matters like economic inequality that is taking place at this moment in time.

Photo: Digital Information World - AIgen

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