Global Companies Embrace AI for Efficiency and Customer Service Enhancement, Dresner Advisory Report Reveals

Many companies are moving fast to use new AI (Artificial intelligence) technology in their work. They hope this will make things more efficient, improve how they serve customers, and help them make better decisions.

A report by Dresner Advisory Services shows that one out of four companies thinks that AI is very important for doing work faster and better. About 30% of them focus on making customer service better, and 26% believe it helps in making smarter choices.

The report gathered information from over 8,000 companies worldwide. It looks at how these companies are trying to use this new AI.

Howard Dresner from Dresner Advisory said that Generative AI (GenAI) is getting a lot of attention. Many companies plan to start using it soon or in the future.

GenAI is different because it's easy to see how it helps during tests. Companies don't lose track of its benefits among all the data they handle every day.

Marketing and IT departments are keen on using this AI first. They see it can quickly help in making things run smoother and improving how they connect with customers.

But companies are worried about keeping data safe while using the AI. Almost half of the companies see data privacy as a big concern. They're also thinking about laws, unexpected problems, and making sure the AI is fair.

Industries like healthcare, manufacturing, and education are most excited about using the AI. They think it can really help in areas like personalized medicine, solving tough manufacturing issues, and offering tailored education to many students at once.

The government sector is more cautious, with a third of them waiting to see how things go. They're worried about keeping information safe and how to start using the AI.

Consumer services are ahead in using this AI in their work. Almost 43% of these companies already have it running. Technology, business services, and healthcare are not far behind. Education is trying out this AI a lot, especially in healthcare. However, the government is slower in experimenting with this AI and planning its use.

Charts via Venturebeat

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