ChatGPT’s Revenue Might Be On The Rise But Downloads Are Taking A Hit

OpenAI’s ChatGPT tool has been the rage for a while now. The company just celebrated one year of success and the rollout on mobile devices in May brought about a massive on the App Store too, alongside Google Play.

So while the revenue continues to surge, the same cannot be said about downloads as they are stumbling downwards.

Yes, fewer people are installing the tool and that’s shocking considering how the company had to actually suspend growth and bar downloads for the premium subscription as they simply could not handle what was taking place.

According to AppFigures data, the month of November had the company barring signups but the suspension did not last a long time. While many thought the temporary fall in downloads would not last long, recent stats prove otherwise.

It’s just a matter of a few months, not! As per recent estimates coming from App Intelligence, the revenue for ChatGPT started to rise quite fast after subscriptions went back to normal. In October, ChatGPT earned a massive $5.6 million after fees were given to the App Store.

This net revenue rose to $6.7 million in November and that went further to $7.8 million in the month after that.

So while we do agree that OpenAI lost quite a few funds during the period deemed to be a pause, this meant ChatGPT’s premium tier continues to be popular. And not fairly popular, very popular as revenue in January rose massively.

This brought the tool to the forefront where it attained a massive revenue worth $11 million. So this is not what means after both Apple and Google got their respective fees and shares.

So while that’s the good news, let’s glance over the bad news. The installations for ChatGPT have continued to surge since it was rolled out in the past year. It grew steadily, month after month as plenty of competitors from the industry arose.

It took the company a whopping seven months to attain peak figures, which were close to 19 million in downloads, starting from November. This is the same month we saw subscriptions get paused, and also start to drop.

As per the estimates, ChatGPT was installed nearly 18 million more in December and just 15 million times last month. And to be more specific, that’s a 21% fall.

This fall might not have a serious effect on revenue as the company’s conversion rates remain high for those who feel they require it. But that also puts the revenue of the future growth under scrutiny. This is very true as plenty of rivals are arising in the industry, and big names like X, formerly Twitter, and Google pick up the pace and enter the race to reach the top.

OpenAI's ChatGPT faces declining downloads despite revenue surge, with premium tier popularity sustaining growth.

Despite revenue success, ChatGPT faces challenges as downloads decline, and industry rivals intensify competition.

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