Apple Tests 'Ask,' AI Tool Resembling ChatGPT, for Enhanced Support Services

According to Macrumors, Apple is experimenting with 'Ask,' an AI tool pilot program for enhanced support services, akin to ChatGPT, to be utilized by select AppleCare advisors.

'Ask' mines Apple's internal knowledge base for responses, advisors rating them as 'helpful' or 'unhelpful,' promoting its use over traditional search methods, especially for intricate issues.

Post-feedback phase, Apple aims to expand 'Ask' to more advisors, aligning with its broader generative AI integration strategy expected in iOS 18.

CEO Tim Cook's emphasis on AI, notably during earnings calls, signals Apple's pivot towards AI-driven growth, previously disclosed in August 2023.

The debut of 'Ask' reinforces Apple's AI commitment, echoing Cook's vision of investing in transformative technologies for tomorrow.

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