Apple Blames Poor Functioning Of iPhone Web Apps In The EU On The Stringent Digital Markets Act

Tech giant Apple is causing concern after its iPhone web applications in the EU were malfunctioning across user devices.

Many assumed it was a serious bug that needed a fix but new reports are proving otherwise.

These progressive web applications found across the EU had many citizens complaining about how they were not functioning correctly after being installed in some recent iOS beta versions.

Apple was seen updating its respective websites to give out a justification on this front and why users were facing issues across the board. It’s not a huge surprise because the company mentioned how the ordeal has nothing to do with it but in fact, has opted to blame the matter on the stringent Digital Markets Act.

They feel the complexities involved are massive and one contributing reason has to do with enabling various browser engines to function that is why we’re seeing the matter unfold to begin with.

To keep you better updated on this front, the company came under fire when one top security researcher was quick to see PWAs being demoted through various webpage shortcuts through the release of iOS 17.4. It’s not quite clear if this was a real beta bug or if this was done to undermine any functionality of these respective PWAs across the European Union.

Apple is being forced to enable alternative app stores to function in this part of the globe, not to mention payments arising from third parties and other browser engines coming into play. In such betas, these PWAs are known for typically enabling web applications to function and they feel more like their native iOS applications weren’t working.

In such experiments, PWAs are designed to enable web apps to work normally and feel like they’ve been designed to ensure the platforms feel like they work like native Apple applications. But in this particular case, it just was not working. So this did not go unnoticed by the masses.

Developers saw how such web apps were functioning like bookmarks that happened to be saved across the Home Screen.

As reported by tech giant MacRumors, the latest update for iOS 16.4 enabled PWAs to showcase icons with alerts, similar to how native apps were functioning.

In the latest update by the firm, it says that the systems have been modified instead of the DMA.

Reports debunk bug theory; blame EU iPhone web app glitches on Digital Markets Act, not Apple.
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