AI-Generated News Sites Are Rolling Out Fake Reports Faster Than Ever

One of the biggest issues with AI is how easily it can be misused and this next report by NewsGuard is speaking on that front in detail.

A new study proved how automated websites are generating fake news reports faster than ever. We’re talking close to hundreds of news samples that have been highlighted for 2024 alone.

It’s a matter that has been highlighted in detail as the watchdog proved how the total number of AI websites guilty of this matter currently stands at 725. You can find those in close to 15 different languages and they happen to be very diverse in nature. For instance, you’ve got Arabic, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Thai, Turkish, and even Korean amongst so many others.

The report is not too surprising, considering how we saw another one generated in this regard by NewsGuard which saw a massive increase in AI-produced websites attaining fake claims. Figures rose from just 50 to 600 in December. It’s close to a tenfold rise in over six months and that’s what we call alarming.

The rise continues to peak and the issue trending upwards is getting plenty of fame as news consumers need to be wary of what they’re reading and how it might not be true in the end.

Remember, AI websites churning out news seem to be the latest trend these days, and pages like Daily Time Update, iBusiness Day, and even Ireland Top News are just some of the many worth mentioning. They’re masking themselves as the best and most authentic place to get the freshest reports.

The watchdog feels such acts in the form of rising bogus news web pages are solely linked to making more money via programmed ads. The latter is through which the advertising industry can roll out ads without any fear of the data being authentic or having much regard linked to the website’s quality.

In the past, we saw some fake stories being spotted by one watchdog that entailed a made-up tale of Israel’s PM’s mental health doctor claiming he had passed away. This was displayed on a leading television show in the country of Iran and then passed on to respective websites including pages handling media content.

Today, there are billions of users of these websites in the world who will now go and vote in the upcoming election period to choose new members that will head their state this year. Therefore, there is more fear now than ever of how misinformation could spread to new heights and lead to disastrous consequences.

There is also very little human oversight and fact-checkers in place who can keep tabs on what’s really going on here. Did we mention how many fake AI image generators are on the rise, making matters worse than what they already are?

The boon of AI tools rolling out a vast array of content farms and misinformation pools is massive and the matter must be addressed now.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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