YouTube’s Latest Rollout Helps Users Get Access To The Best ‘How-To’ Instructional Videos

Online video powerhouse YouTube is one app that many users rely on to get the most informative content. This includes plenty of explainers or ‘how to’ videos that give the viewer an in-depth understanding of anything and everything they’re in search of.

It could be a tutorial linked to fixing an issue or perhaps how to get the perfect makeup look. Let’s now forget recipes and hacks galore. No matter what, watching videos online gives the viewers so much information for free that you wouldn’t find so easily anywhere else.

Did we mention how tempting it is to spend hours on the app after a long day, just to stay entertained? Well, the company acknowledges the love and support of both users and creators and that’s why its latest rollout is designed to help them.

The tech giant is helping users get easier access to more ‘how to’ or instructional videos. The news comes after the video streaming app allowed hundreds of millions of users to get access to relatable content that can help them in their everyday lives. To be honest, we’ve got a lot to be grateful for in terms of the app’s ease of use.

The latest rollout sees the tech giant collaborating with the likes of health firms to make it simpler to search for instructional content for things like urgent care or first aid.

Beginning today, the platform just rolled out first-aid shelves filled with useful information at the top of search bars. These would entail simple easy-to-follow content that comes from a long list of credible sources and includes all sorts of important procedures like CPR, handling bleeding, seizures, heart attacks, drug overdose, and even strokes.

The online streaming giant mentioned how its mission toward providing better health information began when it aligned with top health professionals from all over the globe to ensure viewers’ needs were catered to.

This endeavor will see health tags added to content online so the videos get identified easily as one that was made by a certified health professionals. At the same time, we’ll see content in the form of a crisis resource panel that could assist users in connecting with live personnel during times of urgency.

The latest feature has a partnership with Mass General Brigham as well as the Mexican Red Cross so useful content can come forward in both the English as well as the Spanish language. But with time, the company does hope to extend its reach to the likes of other nations and different languages soon.
The app is very unique in terms of the fact that serves as one of the ultimate educational resources but it won’t be wrong to mention how it can be distracting at times.

This new health rollout on the platform is just another feather in the firm’s cap in terms of the wide range of diversity on offer to its massive audience.

Additionally, the platform also has an entire CPR course comprising an 11-video-long tutorial for those who might be interested in being more equipped to handle emergencies.

The AHA produced this course to give viewers a more in-depth understanding of how they can carry out CPR via hands-on means. And as one can expect, it’s one of the most useful skills of all time as it arises when someone least expects it.

During an emergency crisis, the company says that having the right kind of professional help and skills at your disposal can truly go a long way and prove to be the biggest or most invaluable asset.

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