X Explores New Video Monetization Avenue For Premium Subscribers After Removing Support For NFT Profile Pictures

Elon Musk’s X app is rolling out a series of changes and also floating plenty of ideas on what users can expect very soon.

For starters, the popular app is giving rise to the idea of new monetization for videos. But this would be restricted solely to premium subscribers, the platform mentioned. In case you did not know, this is a great way to get more people to sign up for the paid plan that gives them Premium status.

This is the latest finding on this front and would also include back-end codes that force the viewer to sign up if they wish to see more on a certain post through playback.

The news was published online through example codes, thanks to X user and social media expert Christopher Messina. He proved how a series of prompts were created to trigger viewers who see the video for an extended time, forcing them to sign up if they want to see more.

For now, there are no specific details regarding this move and if that change could be linked to broadcasts only or replays as well. What we do know is that it’s an experiment and if things don’t go as planned, it could never make it as a part of the final launch.

Seeing the company’s plans to get more users up and running and pay to use the app, this all certainly makes so much sense as to how it could soon be launched for the masses. After all, it would motivate more people to sign up and the app to monetize from content that’s more exclusive. Remember, this is the platform’s ‘video first’ initiative. But maybe diving too much into the realms of video content might not bring forth the results that X had hoped for.

So many apps including the likes of the ex-Twitter team did try out this method in the past but with very little success. In case you don’t remember, the old Twitter platform tried to link second screening features by combining content that was more exclusive in nature like sports programming.

The goal was linked to making the viewer more reliant upon the app alone as the best way to get engagement. But that was not a success and the platform moved far from that with time. Similarly, moves were made by Meta through the launch of its Watch Original feature on Facebook and that was shunned after poor success and response from viewers.

Snapchat also had very little success with its Snap Originals and therefore had to abort the idea similarly.

In other news, if you happen to be a fan of NFTs as your profile picture on the X app, there is bad news for you. And that’s because X is getting rid of support for this feature. It was a part of the Premium rollout but will no longer be on offer, as spotted by TechCrunch.

The thought process behind the rollout that was made in 2022 for Twitter Blue Subscribers was related to giving digital artists the chance to sell highly overpriced JPEGs. This was also linked back to data about the art piece through the crypto wallet of the user.

This led to the drive to allow NFTs to serve as the platform for the exposure of so many artists in the industry and allow them to enable digital ownership of their work. With time, the NFT market failed to flourish and really crashed down in just a year after the launch. And that had to do with the bigger blow the world of crypto witnessed as issues linked to regulation and questionable market needs arose.

For a while now, crypto has been used for illegal purposes, and that led to many fans getting serious schooling on why regulators have been asking for more privacy and regulatory mechanisms to ensure the whole banking system is secure each step of the way.

We do agree that having alternative options in place to avoid fee costs and controls linked to banking systems would be great but if that’s not there, payments via crypto are bound to be exploited to a serious extent.

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