WhatsApp Business Accounts Will Be Allowed To Subscribe To Meta Verified In New Update

Popular messaging platform WhatsApp is launching a new update on the platform for Business accounts.

The app will soon allow such users to subscribe to Meta Verified through its upcoming update. This would be available very soon and would mean that those account holders having business accounts can take on the chance to add a verified status or badge to their respective online channels.

It’s a major enhancement as it gives users a very clear-cut and trustworthy indicator in terms of the authenticity of the respective business channel. This way, more customers or clients are bound to trust the account when they see it flagged with a Meta Verified badge during the chat.

The app is working on another optional feature for those with business accounts. It’s a clear indicator in terms of the authenticity that such channels hold. It’s also a great security and privacy rollout that ensures the number of users engaging with fake channels is low.

Right now, as per WBI, the platform is busy working on enabling businesses to make subscriptions for Meta Verified. This has picked up the pace after the firm rolled out the latest business variant that is designed to provide great amenities and serve as an incentive for more users to take up the offer. The latest business version of the account came in the last update and has been increasing in popularity since the launch.

Business accounts on WhatsApp can soon subscribe to Meta Verified, obtaining a badge for enhanced trustworthiness.
Image: WBI

Therefore, with added incentives like the chance to make the most of this feature, we can see where this is going and how it can be a more fruitful offer to take up. The company also mentioned in its update how the new feature would replace its previous WhatsApp Premium. The latter included a customized business link and the chance to link a staggering number of devices on just one account, 10 to be exact.

The two features mentioned above are still going to be an integral part of the subscription for Meta Verified users. But it should be remembered that this new rollout is completely optional for business account holders and exclusive for them too.

The badge for verification is created with the thought of differentiating legitimate channels from those serving as impersonators. Therefore, those with the new Meta Verified status would have the verified sticker displayed very boldly to help it get distinguished from other accounts for a more legitimate experience.

Other features worth mentioning would include offers to quickly delineate impersonators, greater privacy, and more ways to keep threats at bay. Additionally, we will see users of the newly verified status attain direct channels for help, troubleshooting, and addressing any issues they come into contact with.

Such subscriptions would be rolling out more features created to boost business discoverability and make it simpler for users to engage and explore with such accounts easily.

For now, the verified form of subscription is still under construction and will be up for grabs in the app’s upcoming update for WhatsApp. We’ll surely be right here to give you that news when it comes out. So until then, please stay tuned.

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