TikTok Inches Closes To Adding Generative AI Search For Maximal Discovery Inside And Outside The App

So many social media giants are trying to make the best use of generative AI across their respective platforms. But it seems like one app is leading the pack in terms of inching closer to making the best practical use of the technology.

We’re hearing more reports about how TikTok's sister platform based in China, Douyin is carrying out trials for Generative AI in search. As one can imagine, this would get users to make the most of exploring new things inside and outside the platform.

The news was first highlighted by the Pandaily which mentioned how the AI Search option can be seen inside the search interface of the platform, right next to a host of other leading search services. This includes users, videos, and products. Users will only be required to add the right query or data across the tab featuring AI Search to get replies produced by the smart technology.

So from such insights, one can witness how the growth on Douyin is structurally linked to exploring, not to mention a wide range of search features that are built into the platform. Moreover, Generative AI search is set to expand on this front and the most interesting element of them all could be the extent to which the latest system can give rise to a reply. The responses don’t only arise from videos of high quality through the app but even through data coming from websites belonging to third parties with respective links to see more and hear more explanations. In the same way, it’s based on user questions where AI Search can suggest more related queries that people find to be interesting.

So as you can see, it’s like ChatGPT is built into the app and it’s now focusing more on finding new things that expand the ability for the platform to answer more search-related questions and give utilities on the platform.

So that is very relatable to apps like TikTok as it’s one of the most widely used tools for discovery in the world of social media. Recent stats proved how studies carried out by Adobe show that TikTok is widely used as a leading discovery engine and the youth in particular are addicted to it.

TikTok would benefit greatly from this endeavor as it means more and more individuals would come in searching for things across the platform. Those would be matched with a host of internal shops and sellers as relevantly required.

Today, the app continues to roll out Search Ads which allow brands to display goods at the forefront of the search pages. If and when AI-based search gets included and expanded respectively, it can turn the app into one that’s valuable for the platform and lure in more users.

As search behavior expands, the app would provide relevant in-app matches by rolling out pitches to the right businesses. This highlights the extent of relatable questions that it sees. If for instance, people need pet toys, the sales team would roll out more ads in this domain. The system will give rise to greater searches respectively and that would seriously broaden the potential present over here.

It might even meet the demand itself by the process of sourcing from other leading Chinese producers that work in collaboration with the app to give clients what they need, depending on the trends of the industry.

In this regard, the app is really trying hard to combine the efforts of Temu-style market trends into this app so that it can better promote in-stream buying to expand upon these offers.

For now, it is yet to get success on this front. But through Generative AI Search, we can see that happening as it’s a big deal in terms of tapping into the current AI trend. But social media apps are yet to gain too much success on this front.
Plenty of other generative AI features are getting launched on this platform and most of them are linked to visual creation done in-stream. These are all novel options and don’t appear to give too much value in terms of long-term success through the process of engagement through social media.

At the moment, TikTok is experimenting with AI by creating songs through the technology and that again seems to be valuable, when looking at the app’s link to music trends today.

So to sum it up, TikTok is leading the way in terms of combining AI into the app while others are trying to figure out the best use cases for AI tools through the platform. So we can see how adding Generative AI to search can really benefit all but when is the question.

Douyin Trials Generative AI Search Feature to Boost User Exploration
Photo: Digital Information World - AIgen

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