Microsoft Sees Revenue Growth in Latest Financial Quarter

Microsoft has reached a big milestone. It is now a $3 trillion company. Its latest financial quarter was the strongest so far.

The money it made from search and news ads grew by 8%. Though, this is a bit less than the 10% growth in the previous quarter.

LinkedIn, which is part of Microsoft, also did well. Its revenue went up by 9%.

The total revenue in Microsoft's productivity and business area was $19.2 billion. This is a 13% increase.

For the quarter ending December 31, 2023, Microsoft's total sales were $62 billion. This is 18% more than last year.

The company's net income also went up a lot. It was 33% higher at $21.9 billion.

A big part of this success was due to Office and cloud services. These areas make up about 60% of Microsoft's total revenue.

The gaming side, especially Xbox, also did well. Xbox's revenue went up 61% because it bought Activision Blizzard. This helped increase the total gaming revenue by 49%.

Even though Microsoft did well overall, the growth in search and news ads was not as big as other areas.

LinkedIn's steady growth might mean it's doing better than other parts of Microsoft. Microsoft is using AI in many ways to get new customers and improve productivity.

Satya Nadella, the leader of Microsoft, shared some thoughts. He said they are now using AI a lot, not just talking about it.

They put AI into every part of their technology. This is helping them get new customers. It's also making things better and more productive in many areas.

Image: DIW - AIGen

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