Meta Worker Claims Censorship of Pro-Palestinian Content, Seeks Transparency

Tech giant Meta has already been called out by plenty of users for failing to display pro-Palestinian posts across its leading apps. And now, more allegations are coming forward on this matter after a staffer shared her experience.

The worker mentioned how she was currently being investigated by the organization after alleging they intentionally silence any pro-Palestinian voices by censoring material arising in that domain.

She had shared a specific letter about the matter that made such accusations in the company’s direction.

The worker circulated the material and requested the tech giant to confirm how so many lives from Palestine were lost but posts regarding that were nowhere to be seen. The fact that Meta was working toward silencing the voices of its own users has raised so many eyebrows on the subject with her calling for action in terms of greater transparency.

The report was first published by the Financial Times through a video post that is still up for viewing in the public eye. This particular employee has been working since the start of 2021 as per facts delineated across her profile on the LinkedIn app.

The worker can be heard mentioning how a group of employees have united to generate this letter and raise their concerns on what they feel is unjust behavior and must be probed. The letter was then forwarded to another internal group.

For so long, they mentioned how it was a struggle to raise awareness on the matter as the firm bars staffers from discussing such matters that it feels are disruptive in nature. They also confirmed how Pro-Palestinian discussions keep getting deleted and it’s not fair.

She also declared in the post how it was heartbreaking for her to see how many staffers’ family members were being killed across Gaza but they could not raise voices on the matter as the content would be deleted hours after they were published on the platform.

After the letter was shared, the staffer got a letter the very next day from HR delineating how an investigation was being conducted on this front. The video shared showed her in the office standing clueless as three weeks went by but no one contacted her with any updates on the probe carried out against her.

She further confirms that her goal is not to bring the company down but to raise her voice on censorship being carried out unjustly. Furthermore, she shared how it was her right to speak about such controversial matters without fear of being persecuted as the truth needed to come out.

But the letter has gone on to reference a lot of hate against the company stemming from leading HR groups and politicians in terms of how Meta is handling the situation in Gaza and policing content unfairly without any say from users who must sit silently as the oppression unfolds.

As per reports from other employees, there are also references being garnered by top US Senators in Zuckerberg’s direction where the need for greater transparency was required on this subject and how the company moderates content online. There was a similar discussion about the algorithm and how it features discrimination of a whole new kind.

This particular video had the staffer arriving at the firm’s NY offices which meant she still had employee access to work there as the badge was working.

What the outcome of this case might be, only time can tell. But as per Meta’s latest policy in place, employees are barred from engaging and taking part in the sharing of certain kinds of conversations about the firm’s internal system.

Free Speech Debate Ignites After Meta Worker Faces Investigation for Dissent
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