Meta Empowers Brands with Advanced Tools for Enhanced Online Reputation Management

Meta has recently launched new and improved features to help brands effectively manage their online reputation across its platform. These updates aim to simplify the process for businesses to track and prevent scams, report intellectual properties, and block unauthorized content from their platforms.

Here is a brief overview of the changes brand owners can expect on the Metaverse:

Enhanced Brand Rights Protection

Meta has revamped this tool with machine learning capabilities, making it more efficient for brands to safeguard their intellectual property. The updated tool makes it easy to report brand infringements and other related scams.

Intellectual Property Reporting Center

This new addition is a time-saver for frequent users of Meta's IP Reporting Forms. It offers access to account information and a history of reports. This feature is particularly beneficial for teams and allows multiple users from the same Business Manager account to view the entire report.

Updated Rights Manager

The functionalities introduced in the Updated Rights Manager include:
  • An automatic blocking feature that identifies and restricts access to images matching copyrighted content.
  • The option to add attribution links to matched content on Facebook, and soon on Instagram, providing details about the content's ownership. This feature also allows rights holders to include direct calls to action, such as Follow, Email, or Message.
  • Bulk management capabilities, enabling efficient handling of multiple image reference files simultaneously.
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