Meta All Set To Roll Out Link History Archive For Users On Android And iOS

Facebook users have been commenting on how they have been receiving pop-ups related to never losing a link again.

While we agree that it might not be brand new as the tech giant has been busy launching the feature to selected users in specific regions, it’s finally making its way to the masses, as spotted by Chris Messina on Threads.

Both iOS and Android users can benefit from Link History archives but we are yet to hear anything about desktop alerts for now.

The pop-up promises users everything they need to know in terms of how the Link History feature will help users find links they’ve come across on the platform in the past.

As confirmed by the tech giant today, users can opt to switch the button for link history on. When that’s done, any links that were tapped inside of Facebook and visited via the app’s mobile browser would be saved for one month.

Meanwhile, the company noted how all links that you’ve interacted with through private conversations on the Messenger app aren’t saved to the link history. And you may also get rid of any links featured in the history as per your liking.

We can see how this might turn into the handiest option of them all, especially when users come across something useful at some point in time but don’t exactly remember the page or perhaps need details. There is also one option featuring the tab ‘recent ad activity’ which is used for the sake of tracking ads that users engage with. Therefore, we don’t see how the new rollout is an absolute game changer but it does provide a new means for tracking down Facebook activity.

The Facebook app itself just gives users another way to ensure their interests and activity are in check. As mentioned in the screenshot shown above, Meta would be using Link History data to display some relevant ads across the platform.

By now, most users are used to that way of working. However, we do see how it’s worth mentioning that such listings may impact the kind of ads being displayed. Therefore, anyone who might not like what they are seeing could pay a visit to the ‘Ad Preferences’ and then delete links for things that impact their targeting behavior.

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