Mark Zuckerberg Surprises Tech World After Confirming Meta’s First Open-Sourced AGI

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg just surprised the world today after confirming how the tech giant was creating its own open-source AGI.

The news came in the form of a reel that mentioned how plans are going strong in terms of bridging two of its leading AI research teams together called FAIR and GenAI. The goal is to create a bigger general intelligence team and then go about open-sourcing this, it added.

The long-term vision described so far has to do with creating general intelligence and making sure it’s all done responsibly. This would make sure it’s up for grabs to all so the world can benefit. Moreover, the video provides how it’s becoming so clear what next-generation services are needed to develop a fuller general intelligence endeavor.

Only then can we say hello to the biggest and best AI assistants from all over the globe? We also have news on how it can give rise to facilitating all modern areas of technology and AI that vary from planning and coding to the likes of reasoning, cognition, and beyond.

Mark Zuckerberg also revealed some more interesting roll outs planned as it works more in the domain of training Llama 3, calling it a huge compute infrastructure. It’s currently in the construction process and includes close to 350k Nvidia H100s that will come about by this year’s end.

He similarly mentioned how the company’s Metaverse is another huge deal where work is still being done, not to mention the Ray-Ban smart glasses that we’ve been hearing about for years. Such glasses are called the ideal form factor for enabling AI to help the wearer see and hear what the normal person can, just so that it serves as a standby assistant for helping out when deemed necessary.

All of this announcement comes at a time when we are hearing more about the great skepticism generated by others about Meta’s innovative plans. This includes criticism by the ChatGPT maker firm OpenAI’s CEO who spoke at this year’s forum in Switzerland. He added how the goal right now was linked to making the most of advanced AI technology, and ensuring that the risks linked to AGI are not as great as people once claimed them to be.
It similarly arises during a period when Meta’s chief scientist Yann LeCun kept a strict tone on how he felt AGI would be coming any time soon, stating that it’s all very unpredictable. According to him, we might not see it, even in the next five years.

Lastly, it's arriving during a period when many suggested that Meta's AGI endeavor for the future could potentially be open-sourced. This speculation arose as Llama, along with other open-source AI projects, gained prominence throughout the previous year.

As one can expect, the news will drive critics up the walls who have debated open-source AI over close-source AI, especially as the number of studies discussing open models serving as destructive sleeping agents continues to peak.

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