Major Breakthrough For iOS Users In The EU As Apple Ready To Enable Sideloading Soon

It looks like a miracle has finally come into play, despite tech giant Apple’s dismay. This has to do with the company allowing sideloading for users of iPhones and iPads very soon. But you have to be in the EU to avail the feature.

The news comes after the iPhone maker was called out for not obeying the Digital Markets Act which came into play last year. This forced the Cupertino firm to enable users to use third-party applications arising outside the classic approach which was the App Store. And that is what most of us call sideloading in the tech world.

The company has yet to give rise to plans in terms of how it wishes to comply fully with the law in place. But what we can confirm right now is that it’s happening very soon.

Reports from Mark Gurman of Bloomberg shed light on how the plan is said to take center stage as early as the next couple of weeks. This would arise in the devices’ latest update for those based in Europe, just a few moments from today.

Gurman also delineated how the set of changes arising on the App Store would split the store into two separate halves. For starters, one would be linked to EU nations while the other would have to do with the other part of the globe.

Moreover, the DMA is forcing Apple to enable developers to offer iOS apps right outside the company’s App Store. Therefore, apps from third parties would soon be allowed to use these payment platforms for taking part in any kind of purchases done through the platform. For a while, the tech giant has been working side by side with the DMA silently so that it could be aligned with its requirements.

After all, no one wants to be penalized in the EU.

The company’s VP for Software confirmed last year how the organization would need to abide by the legislation in the EU. Moreover, the deadline for firms outlined so far as a part of the legislation is March 7 and as one can expect, that’s not too far from now.

As confirmed by reports last year, we saw the tech giant mention how the latest internal system for iOS 16.2 enabled Apple to prevent system features from coming into action, depending on the location of the user. This made sure those located in the EU could only sideload apps on phones while the others in different places around the globe couldn’t. If needed, the iPhone maker would flip the switch to ensure sideloading starts in other nations, whenever it chose to roll out that option.

After seeing the mighty and revolutionary change arise in Europe, more reports indicated how many other nations wish to roll out similar antitrust laws against tech giants like Apple to reap the benefits.

Slowly and surely, some countries like Japan are already working hard and fast to ensure Apple gives this sideloading feature to its own iOS users in the country. The country expressed how it wishes to see the tech firm enable developers to roll out other payment means across apps so everyone can benefit from the change.

Meanwhile, the American Justice Department also mentioned how it’s more than ready to force the tech firm to enable sideloading across iPhone and iPad devices. Provided the current situation in front of us, it seems like the feature would be launched globally instead of the iPhone maker having to deal with every nation on separate grounds. What do you think?

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