Google Maps Is Rolling Out Exciting 3D Buildings Display During Navigation

The thought of 3D buildings being displayed during user navigation on Google Maps is no longer a far-fetched idea.

The Android maker just rolled out a test that is showing the 3D buildings on both Google Maps as well as Android Auto and cool would be an understatement to describe what is being seen.

The app claims to be in the testing phase but if things go as planned, it might soon be released to the masses, giving rise to a breakthrough rollout. For those who are still confused about what exactly this offering means, well, we’re here to explain.

X says the goal is to showcase buildings in 3D and it’s been a part of its strategy since day one. You won’t see it pop up as default but only if you choose to switch the feature on that is seen as a layer on the platform.

The buildings appear in 3D, no matter if you happen to be inside a city or another smaller area. Even if you are on the roads and using the app for navigation, it would be a view application and so far, the thoughts make it sound groundbreaking as it’s never been done before.

If you are a part of the lucky few users on iOS and Android who have the change rolled out to you, you can find the 3D buildings while navigating on the platform. You can visualize the view in 3D and it would be enabled before the navigation comes into play. Also, be sure to zoom in to a certain extent to make the most of the offer.

It’s a very recent feature and one that has tech enthusiasts waiting to get a hands-on experience. We are also getting reports on how some might even be lucky enough to avail of the same feature on Android Auto.

While the idea of seeing buildings in 3D on phones is not something too new, this happens to be the first time that drivers navigating on the road would experience it in real-time. Some users have already reported seeing the buildings go transparent after they get near them on their respective routes.

Some speculations spoke about it getting rolled out a week back while the majority claims it’s brand new and was only included as a recent addition to kickstarting the new year.

Screenshots: Digital Information World

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