Errors On Apple Maps Cost Businesses Thousands After Display Incorrect ‘Permanently Closed’ Labels

Apple Maps might seem like a great and useful endeavor but small-scale businesses are generating massive concerns on this front due to serious errors being noticed.

This has to do with how they’re losing out on billions, simply because of the fact that the labels incorrectly display tags including misinformation about an eatery being closed permanently, for instance.

This huge error deters visitors from arriving and it just makes their lives a nuisance, one leading source explained from ABC News. And what’s even worse is how hard it is to rectify the error, despite the whole methodology that Apple says is necessary to fix the problem.

Even the press is trying to highlight the issue so people are well aware of how they shouldn’t be relying on Apple Maps to get their way around the city as the facts entail mighty errors.

Chris Pyatt and his partner Pum mentioned how they were running in circles quite literally when they arrived at a Thai restaurant called Pum’s Kitchen across Queensland’s Sunshine Coast for a staggering 10 years.

It was only when one regular client couldn’t help but wonder why they shut the famous eatery and the owners were in shock. They reaffirmed how that was not the case and further investigated the matter, and that’s when such facts took center stage.

On average, the error might appear small to many readers but from a cafe owner running a small business point of view, it’s a huge deal. It’s a staggering AU$12k which is close to $8000.

We have zero idea about what this whole change is all about and how it took over the app but it needs to stop because small-scale businesses can no longer suffer in silence like this, he added.

It’s a major drawback as this is their only means of living and they are not ready to risk it all, thanks to changes in client behavior which has been taking center stage since the start of December last year and even earlier for a few others. It’s no wonder why they keep getting downturns going up to $12k and that’s not okay.

More light on the matter revealed how tech giant Apple was asked to fix the problem and then the firm said they did try to help as he did not own any of the company’s devices. So due to that, he had no clue about what was going on here. Thankfully, he went through the website and browsed to see how a business account could be opened, the business could be claimed, and then how to ensure it was marked as open. But despite several requests generated on this front, it did not work and no updates were added either.

Despite ABC calling Apple out, it did not resolve. Meanwhile, Apple Maps began showing the business as open, all of a sudden but now, the location is incorrect.

Searches online proved how hundreds of businesses trying to survive during the downturn have really struggled and they spoke about how much more difficult these things can be in terms of making money. People continue to have all kinds of issues and similar crises but not a lot of them are raising their voices and those that do are being shut down or ignored.

You can even find hundreds of similar posts across different forums on Apple like Reddit and even Quora. This is where business owners feel they are having similar issues that need to be attended to in detail.

Apple Maps Inaccuracy Hits Small Businesses: Lost Revenues and Frustration Mounting
Photo: Digital Information World - AIgen

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