Elon Musk Calls Decision To Ban Hamas’ X Account A ‘Tough Call’ Despite Supporting Free Speech

X owner Elon Musk has just gone public with the news of banning the Hamas account on X, adding how it was not an easy decision for him to make.

Many critics raised questions about Musk’s behavior, shedding light on how his decision was against his advocacy of promoting free speech on the platform. He then tried to justify the act amid great criticism from the opposition who felt the billionaire failed to stand by his own beliefs and principles after coming under pressure from higher authorities.

The Tesla owner explained how the company did have a UN exemption rule in place where all government accounts recognized as official by the ruling organization would be exempt from a ban. But since the UN failed to deem Hamas as one, it would remain suspended.

The news comes after a furious user from Palestine asked the world’s richest person why he banned the account in the first play, adding how it was a clear display of hypocritical behavior. But Musk stormed in to intervene and explain that it was not the case.

The account was said to be linked to the organization’s military wing and came under the account username ‘qassam2024’.

Musk further went on to add how other similar accounts were arising in places like the US that called for the killing of people but they weren’t suspended as they were under an official government outlined by the UN.

So many users started to troll the billionaire and dubbed his ideology of free speech as bogus and one that never existed in its true sense. We also saw him being called out in the past for not adhering to any principles linked to freedom of speech.

He used to criticize Twitter for not allowing free speech on the app and that was a part of democracy and users’ fundamental rights. But now that he’s entangled in a mess of his own, people are raising eyebrows.
We’ve also seen Musk make plenty of other very controversial decisions in this regard across X. This included bringing back Donald Trump’s account which was once suspended for breaking the app’s rules. Other than that, other accounts like Andrew Tate and Marjorie Taylor Greene were also reinstated to many people’s dismay. And if that was not enough, just last month, Alex Jones’ account was brought back after a poll was carried on his platform. The latter was banned after calling the Sandy Hook US school shootings a fake incident.

It was shocking because it was against everything he had ever mentioned about Jones. He got emotional while adding how his firstborn passed away in his arms and to support anyone that used children’s death for their own personal gains or fame wouldn’t be allowed.

For now, reps from X are yet to respond to any comments made by media outlets on the subject but we’ll keep you updated.

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