Elon Musk Boasts X’s Success After Boasting Increased Usage Stats Against Rivals Instagram And Facebook

Elon Musk is not letting this one go and we’re talking about the app’s success in terms of increased usage, clearly taking the lead against other top rivals in the industry.

Both Instagram and Facebook are in a league of their own and it would not be wrong to mention that the number of users on those apps is huge. But in December, more people visited Musk’s X platform, formerly known as Twitter, taking many by surprise.

The post was published recently on the X platform by the tech entrepreneur himself in the form of a table (which appears to be based on SimilarWeb data). The latter took into consideration the number of visits, the total number of visitors, and also the average time spent by each visitor while using the app.

Facebook records 18B visits, a 3.97% drop; Instagram's 7.6B visits decline by 1.77%, while X sees a 7.2% increase.
Chart: Elon Musk / DogeDesigner - X

Facebook had 18 billion visits in this period but that number of visits fell 3.97% when compared to previous stats. Meanwhile, Instagram which had 7.6 billion visitors underwent a decline of 1.77% when compared to previous results. But for X, it was a winning situation as the number of visits recorded was 9.1 billion and that meant an increase of 7.2%.

Coming to figures for unique visitors, X again reigned supreme against Meta’s rival with a rise of nearly 4.19%. Facebook fell 2.9% while Instagram fell 0.14%. Coming to X, the average visit duration also saw a rise of 34% which is a serious leap from what we have been seeing in the past.

People were actually spending 24 minutes on each during their sessions and when compared to Facebook which stood at 22 minutes and Instagram which stood at 18 minutes, the change was majorly significant and worth a special mention.

From what we can see here, people are clearly moving in the direction of the X platform. Are you one of them?

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