Digital Wallets And Payment Apps From Big Tech Could Face Scrutiny After Top US Watchdog Calls For Greater Surveillance

Digital wallets and payment applications from leading tech giants such as Apple and Google have come under greater surveillance after a leading American watchdog generated concerns and called for greater regulation.

Now, Big Tech has rolled out warnings about how this behavior could stifle innovation and at the same time ensure competition is kept at a bare minimum, preventing leading players from entering the market, a lobby group mentioned this week.

The long series of warnings rolled out from the CCIA that entails the likes of Meta’s Facebook, Amazon, X, and others gave out a reply to the proposal that we saw rolled out last year in November by the CFPB.

This was in regards to a claim that smartphone payments made in this regard as well as wallet services ended up serving as rivals for the likes of classic payment modes but at the same time, they did not have the right kind of consumer safeguard in place.

Meanwhile, proposals generated by the CFPB are not yet confirmed and they could subject big companies in the world of tech to more regulation and general supervision that we see being rolled out for banks. Meanwhile, the agency examiners have spoken about how they are overseeing the general matter including law compliance regarding unfair practices and also the kind of privacy protections while also putting the behavior of executives under scrutiny.

Meanwhile, officials are hoping for the new proposal to cover a whopping 17 different firms that are responsible for a staggering 13 billion payments taking place each year.

Meanwhile, a few reps from the banking industry have actually generated positive responses on this front including how they feel firms providing services similar to banks need to be regularly checked and must receive direct supervision like the latter.

But other leading experts including the head of the CCIA added how such proposals are giving rise to greater forms of harm than any type of good taking center stage. Meanwhile, they feel that it might overly burden the major kinds of digital regulation that might hinder leading startups who are trying to make it big in the industry via innovation.

Other concerns had to do with how such proposals from the CFPB failed to highlight major risks linked to clients and also improperly addressed digital providers who were not linked to the banking industry. This included banks serving as direct competitors in the industry.

Even in those situations where there are cases in which bank and non-bank institutions carry out competition, the reality for such markets provides how there are several instances where the synergy can assist clients in giving complementary services, as confirmed further in the letter released.

Meanwhile, another letter also came to light on this front by the FTZ where members such as PayPal and Block Inc. put out similar worries on the matter. Both companies are giants in the world of finance and payments and rule the industry as they own top services like Venmo and Cash App.

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