Despite A Rise in Cyber Attacks, Many Users Still Do Not Use Cyber Security Tools

Cyber crimes have also become a part of this world due to technology. Every day many cyber crimes happen but only a few users have started using cyber security tools to keep their privacy and data safe. Even though many users care about their privacy, they are not taking any measures to keep their data safe. According to data from Malwarebytes, 79% of the people in North America say that they feel concerned about their online privacy while only 35% of them use anti-virus software.

27% of the users in US consumers use VPN to safeguard their data from cyber-attacks. Most online platforms and cyber security experts recommend people to use two-factor or multi-factor authentication for their data but only 24% do so. 22% use a credit monitoring service to protect their credit cards from any hacking attacks. 20% use ad-blockers while using the internet so they don't see ads while 15% use a password manager to keep their passwords safe and ensure that their passwords are strong enough.

There are also users (13%) who use privacy-preserving browsers so their data doesn't get stolen or leaked. 13% of the users in North America also use identity theft protection services to keep themselves safe from identity theft. As many advertisers use a targeted audience to deliver their ads, 12% of users also use a search engine that cannot track their online activity which in turn does not deliver them any ads. To keep their privacy in check, 6% of users also use alternatives of common online tools like Gmail, cloud, and storage that can keep their privacy safe. So this research shows that even though cyber attacks are increasing, many users are not aware of or do not want to use cyber security tools.

Malwarebytes data reveals 79% North Americans concerned about online privacy, but only 35% use anti-virus software.

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