Content Creators on Instagram Have a Lot of Complaints About Instagram Because of Its Useless Features

We all know how Instagram releases new features every other month but not every user on Instagram is happy with them. In the past few years, Instagram has added avatars, stickers and new verification methods for the ease of their users. But there are also some users on Instagram who are not happy with these features and think they are useless. Joel Bervell, who has a following of 260K on Instagram says that the people who run Instagram are not connected with the people who are using Instagram.

Instagram makes Meta a lot of money and there are also some users on Instagram who make money on the app. So, when Instagram keeps on adding new features, it becomes confusing for creators who want to interact with their followers to make money. Now, Instagram is all about algorithms because it’s competing with TikTok. Users do not get to see the content they are following but the content they are interested in on the app. This is the reason when a creator creates a content on Instagram, it doesn’t reach the target audience.

Another creator on Instagram, Yesenia Hudson, says that Instagram also offers Meta Verified features to creators that costs $15 a month. But 90% of the creators on the app haven’t joined it because they do not see any advantages of having a blue tick. The creators who worked hard to get the blue tick in the past are pissed now because now any user can easily get the blue tick. There is also a Reels Bonus program on Instagram that pays creators for making reels. But creators say that Instagram doesn’t pay them as much as it has promised. Similarly, Instagram also promised creators of brand sponsorships but no brands reached out to creators. Creators say that they are disappointed in Instagram as it isn’t even showing content from family or friends on the feed. Instagram isn’t doing its work properly and it’s about time content creators are showing their concerns.

Photo: Digital Information World - AIgen

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