Concerns For Apple As Chinese State-Backed Institute Makes Breakthrough Claims Of Identifying AirDrop Users

Apple’s AirDrop feature has been one that many users have relied on for years in terms of a safe and secure means of information transfer without any additional costs. But little was anyone aware that a new crackdown could give rise to figuring out the identity of AirDrop users.

The breakthrough claims were recently made by a Chinese institute that is said to have the country’s government support. And that has now raised eyebrows in terms of what’s next.

As it is, many protests gave rise to the AirDrop technology for communication and organization of rioters during government election periods in places like Hong Kong.

For those who might not be aware, the feature does not require any user to have any cellular network connection. Instead, you can simply transfer data with ease and that helped rioters in Hong Kong evade identification by the government officials in China.

Now, we’re seeing more on that front about how China has managed to crack down on the tool that vows to give quick and free information exchange. Officials in the country’s state capital added how they can identify those making use of the breakthrough Apple technology as published by media outlet Bloomberg recently.

The Wangshendongjian Forensic Appraisal added how it was cracking down against the encrypted feature on iPhones so that it could see who sent it, their contact details, and any email IDs of users that share content online.

A new translated post was also published in this regard online about how the government wishes to crack down on those individuals spreading misinformation or inappropriate content, calling the act illegal and subject to punishment.

In particular, emphasis was made on those gathering in groups and carrying out the act. The officials even confirmed how they targeted those sending such wrongful data inside subways in the capital.

The translation is still a little clear as to what exactly they are trying to say and achieve through this claim. Moreover, it’s also still unclear in terms of how serious the institute is about the breakthrough and if anyone is yet to be arrested after the crackdown.

For now, iPhone maker Apple is yet to comment on the situation or claims coming out from China but as one can predict, if in fact that is true, it’s a serious matter of concern.

We saw how the company even rolled out limits on sharing data through its AirDrop technology for those based in China. The restriction was set to just ten minutes and that meant those trying to organize a giant protection against a particular political party or the government in general had very little time to actually achieve their goals and objectives.

This also meant they had fewer options for data transfer. And soon after that, we saw the Cupertino firm roll that changes out for users located all around the globe.

Chinese institute, supported by the government, claims breakthrough in revealing AirDrop user identities, raising global concerns.
Photo: Digital Information World - AIgen

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