CenterView Founder Highlights Critical Thinking as Key Amidst AI's Potential Skill Replication

AI is getting popular day by day, especially among young people. Many youngsters are using AI for doing their work, especially coding. But one of the New York’s top bankers say that AI wasn't made so that kids could use it for developing coding skills. It was made so the kids can learn good judgment and critical skills. The co-founder of Centerview Partners LLC, Blair Effron said that I am not sure if I have ever advised my kids that learning coding is going to be a good skill in the coming 10 years. What I advise my kids is that critical thinking and judgment skills are going to help them a lot in the next few years.

Blair Effron is known as someone who had the largest corporate deal in the history of the US and that's why his opinion about these things matter. He said that critical thinking skills are a lot important in banking investments. And AI models do not possess these types of skills. AI is set to replace many skills but critical thinking is something it cannot replace no matter what. A Nobel Prize winner economist, Christopher Pissarides, said that new employees should look for positions that want them to use their empathetic skills, instead of skills that would be dominated by AI in the coming years.

Now the business schools are asking their students to make their own business models and review them. The business firm of Effron is responsible for arranging 12% global deals, all based on the critical skills. He said that there is no reason to believe that we cannot top the $4 trillion market of the past five years in 2024. He is sure that he can do that because of his optimism. There are going to be risks to the US economy if Donald Trump beats Joe Biden in the election. It is going to be a big downfall. He said that there should be a good relationship with allies and adversaries if you want to protect the corporate world of the US.

CenterView Founder: Critical Thinking Trumps Easily Replaceable Skills by AI in the Future Workforce
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