Apple Finally Overtakes Samsung’s Market share To Become World’s Top Smartphone Maker After Launching iPhone 15

It’s been 13 years since we saw South Korean tech giant Samsung reign supreme as the world’s largest smartphone maker. It’s all thanks to the huge number of global shipments for smartphones where demand continued to reach new heights with time.

But now, things might be changing thanks to Apple’s iPhone 15 launch which has provided a new form of competition to the South Korean brand as revealed recently by stats from IDC and Canalys.

Apple managed to do so during the final quarter of 2023 when the launch of the iPhone 15 debuted right before the holiday season kickstarted. It was a very smart strategy and one that has proved to be incredibly successful for the organization.

More detailed findings proved how a whopping 72 million iPhone devices were sold worldwide in that quarter alone and that helped it reach a 24.7% market share as revealed by the IDC. The shipments from Samsung on the other hand had the IDC rolling out 59.5 million units, enabling the company to reach just a 16.3% share in the smartphone market, well behind Apple.

While Apple has been a leading choice for smartphone makers around the globe, the firm never managed to make it big when it came to these global rankings, the IDC confirmed today. The reason might be linked to focus on the product and the firm says it sold a lot of its devices at the most premium costs while its arch-rival of the industry, Samsung sold phones at both high and low ends of the spectrum. And that is what helped it appeal to the masses and get a bigger market share.

Now, more and more people are joining the iOS bandwagon and the hype is said to be very real on this front. The ongoing success of the organization cannot be missed and relies majorly in regards to the trend of rolling out exclusive premium devices that represent 20% of the global market. It’s fueled by major offers for trade-ins and those plans linked to interest-free payments.

Let’s not forget how the tech giant is working on expanding its lineup of smartphones. The most costly device of the Pro Series begins at $999 while those deemed to be standard options cost $799 as the starting price.

Research experts mentioned how the iPhone 15 series is giving rise to the future of a portfolio strategy that would reach a bigger and broader market featuring different consumer segments.

But experts mentioned how Apple should not be celebrating just yet. Their rankings could be very short-lived as the Samsung Galaxy S24 is all set for a launch today. This could drive more shipments in Samsung’s direction, allowing them to grab a hold of the top market share value again with more sales during Q1.
So as the shifting power continues, experts predict it will be a tug-of-war kind of ordeal where both tech firms will continue to battle it out with each other to rise above all others.

As a whole, the demand for smartphones continues to be at a general decline worldwide, we saw shipments also go up to 1.17 billion units which the IDC dubbed as the lowest figure in terms of full-year volume in the past 10 years. But with the negative did come some positives. We saw shipments go up in the last quarter of 2023 by nearly 8% and that’s a clear signal of how the market is paving the way for serious recovery.

The iPhone 15 series marks a successful expansion for Apple, offering exclusive premium devices and payment plans, capturing 20% of the global market.

IDC reveals iPhone 15's impact on global rankings, highlighting Apple's rise as a leading choice for consumers.

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