AI-Produced Content Is Being Marketed Across Google News And The Company Is Aware Of It

Plenty of reports have spoken about content produced using AI being marketed across the likes of Google News. And that’s one major reason why some people are seeing the material on their feed.

The shocking part is how the search engine giant was quick to confirm that this is happening and they’re well aware of it. However, they did try to brush it off as something that only took place when certain circumstances were met.

But does that mean they’re manipulating the Search results of users along the way? We don’t think so and experts are yet to find anything that proves the ordeal.

One such example is an article speaking about the Star Wars Theory whose results were set in the past 24 hours. When asked to justify the matter further to clarify what really was taking place, the Search giant Google refuted the allegations and mentioned how findings like these only arose when artificially narrow questions were generated on the platform that ended up filtering the real dates for original content.

Google even confirmed how important article quality is for them and how they take all of this so seriously. Much talk was then directed to the fact that there are many policies in place for content created for the likes of top rankings on News. Any website that breaks the rules is therefore removed.

While it’s true that AI-themed material is found almost everywhere including the feed of Google News, one report from 404 Media adds how Google News can feature material scrapped from a leading number of outlets, using AI technology. Therefore, if you see it coming under the heading of Google News, don’t be fooled. It does not need to be reliable and users must be aware of that.

Several examples were generated about AI-produced content bypassing Google’s safeguards to feature on the pages. For instance, Worldtimetodays rolled out articles regarding a host of topics and some were so much like those produced by Distractify.

They had odd wordings like that seen from content produced by AI and also pictures of authors were the same too. So clearly, it was a ripped article going unnoticed which some find concerning for obvious reasons. But it did not stop there. Some of the websites had articles that were hardly ever rewritten before getting copied from sources like Heavy. And to not even bother replacing the watermarked pictures is a really big deal.

Some days go by, and the world of AI continues to become so modern and accessible to all. There will be more emphasis on how so many articles keep getting plagiarized with unreliable data. Some are already hitting Google News.
The company mentioned to 404 Media that it’s trying long and hard to filter spam across Google News. This is not a major concern if articles are produced by humans or not. But a rep of the Android maker mentioned how it’s all linked to content quality.

The focus is on ranking content and also on content quality instead of how it was generated. Content produced through automatic means and for the sake of ranking is deemed spam. And they hope to take such matters seriously, as it’s not appropriate.

Google has gone on to speak about how websites deemed appropriate for showcasing content on Google News are done through automatic means. Therefore, any news websites may not be detected there and then by systems. However, the goal right now is to ensure that original content is given a higher priority over the likes of expertise and trustworthiness. So far, we’re not sure how much the company is sticking to its own goals after these types of reports come in.

Allegations of AI-manipulated search results on Google News surface, with Google refuting claims of intentional manipulation.
Photo: Digital Information World - AIgen

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