World’s Most Downloaded Apps In Nov 2023: ChatGPT Makes History After Cracking The Top 10 List For The First Time

We’re nearing the end of December and that means saying hello to the top 10 list of the most downloaded apps of November from all over the globe.

You’ll be keen to know that ChatGPT has finally made history after entering the list. While it wouldn’t be wrong to mention that installations are a little on the lower side, the usual suspects continue to dominate as we speak.

Moreover, ChatGPT continued to make it big here for the first time and that’s one highlight that OpenAI would not mind. So let’s now get into the details.

Top app TikTok ended up being the world’s most installed application around the globe last month. It was hailed as the chart-topper with close to 49 million downloads from across the App Store as well as the Google Play Store as per these recent estimates. Similarly, it was the most installed application on Apple’s App Store, with the competition for second place trailing behind by a small figure.

Instagram took over the runner-up position as the most installed application from all over the globe with estimates hitting the 49 million mark at both the App Store as well as the Play Store. And when the raw estimates for TikTok were visualized, we saw how it had a small edge over the chart-topper.

While Instagram continued to lead the charts across Google Play, TikTok came in at number three there. But on the App Store, it just couldn’t beat out TikTok while Meta’s Threads was nowhere to be found.

Rounding off the top five most downloaded apps for November 2023 were Meta’s Facebook and WhatsApp as well as Telegram.

We are certainly a little shocked to figure out how Temu did not rise up to the occasion in terms of downloads for November. Meanwhile, SHEIN failed to make the list which was another huge surprise. Both of these platforms continued to be super promising. However, the only guess here for the results has to do with the fact that it was more profitable for them to show ads before Black Friday. Therefore, a lot of funds were probably spent on advertising in the month before when the stats were calculated.

They would then be utilized in messaging across the apps to convert such installers into real-time shoppers.

Seeing ChatGPT finally crack the code in terms of entering the world’s top 10 most installed apps of all time list was a real eye-opener. We’ve seen it make its way towards Apple’s App Store charts several times when it was rolled out in May but entering the overall list never happened and remained a dream for OpenAI.

But seeing it now make the list is a surprise that’s being welcomed with open arms. In November alone, it was able to achieve a staggering milestone of 19 million downloads. In the same way, it was able to shut down a whopping several pair subscriptions for a short period as it had some challenges linked to scaling. And as one can expect, that did not come cheap. It made them lose out on millions.

As per reports from AppFigures, the world’s top 10 most installed applications in November managed to hit a staggering number of 313 million downloads from all over the globe and through both platforms. While we agree the figure did slightly drop from what was seen in October of 2023, it’s definitely worth mentioning.

Download numbers dipped, the usual contenders persist, and ChatGPT entered the top 10 for the first time.

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