WhatsApp Rolls Out Innovative Feature That Allows Users To Pin Chats Within Conversations

Popular texting platform WhatsApp is launching the ability to allow users to pin chats within conversations.

This includes both one-on-one as well as group chats. Furthermore, the texting platform added how it would include a wide array of data including polls, emojis, pictures, as well as text. But one limitation that has arisen so far has to do with pinning a single chat at any moment in time.

WhatsApp says users can pin chats by simply holding on to any selected convo and pressing on the Pin tab that’s seen on the menu. This way, users can choose from a wide variety of options like 24 hours, one week, and one month as per their personal preference.

That’s going to be super useful in situations when you’re visiting a friend’s home for the first time ever. This way, they could pin the address found at the chat’s top so that it’s easily accessible. Meanwhile, if there is a group, you can pin specific data about any location for accessing regulations or crucial data.

The company further explained how admin members found on the groups can alter settings to see if only admins or any specific member could get the chance to pin the messages found in the group chat.

A list of competitors on WhatsApp is already rolling out the chance to pin the text and offer similar functionalities as witnessed with both Telegram as well as iMessage. And that’s seen for both personal chats or those having to do with groups too. For now, no clarification was provided in terms of the platform planning to extend pinned features from just chats to its Channels as well. After all, the latter has been getting plenty of attention recently.

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