Top Social Media Marketing Trends Report For A Successful 2024 Launched

As we wrap up 2023, all focus is on the upcoming social media trends for the new year.

Thanks to Hootsuite, the latest report is up for grabs on which trends are sure to reign supreme, depending on the insights provided by the world’s leading marketers and consumer industry. This also included some major areas of concern as well as the opportunities up for grabs that continue to cause a stir in the sector.

While the whole report can be attained via the website, we’ve taken the time to see the major findings in this document. For starters, it’s great to see how the report gets divided into three leading segments including AI, Shifts in the platform’s usage, and what returns are attained on the original investment.

This particular AI segment continues to unravel some leading approaches having to do with generative AI use and how customers see the brand from the start.

With the growing trends linked to AI, it makes sense as to why many have high hopes attached to AI with experts viewing it to get even bigger in 2024. This is going to pave the way for greater chances while clients have more hesitation regarding what it would mean to get the perception right in terms of what’s right and wrong, including how it would affect users’ trust in the world of digital marketing.

This is the main reason why transparency is so crucial, especially when it has to do with rolling out real scenes featuring AI material. After all, gaining trust from users is of the utmost importance.

As far as platform trends are concerned, the report highlighted various insights linked to teams having to do with social marketing and how they plan on making the most of their performance. Now, this could gel with how your experience has been or it may simply provide perspective on a bigger array of trends of the industry.

This report also highlighted which kinds of platforms people would be confident in, as far as positive gains on initial investment is concerned. Remember. BeReal is at the top of the list but X appears to have taken a major hit.

Meanwhile, in other news, Threads might not be considered at this moment in time as it’s just too early to make any guess, considering its short lifespan. In case you’re wondering, the study was rolled out in August, less than 30 days since we saw the launch for Threads.

The last section did put ROI on display and that included how clients look at content arising from various brands of the industry. There is a major view linked to enhancing the connection from that aspect. And some leading strategic notes need to be considered here that could impact how you plan.

These are just some of the key findings, you can read a lot more in detail here, as it sets the stage for more insights and expectations people might have linked to brands and the way by which marketers may cater to these in the future.

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